Exclusive! Interview with one of the FruoCoin’s founder Frici Mella

We live in exciting times. New technologies and innovative projects took over the world. Today, we’re talking about the new project Fruo, which claims to offer 100% anonymous payments worldwide within seconds. Sounds interesting?


For this special article, we asked one of Fruo’s team members to join us in our office. With us today we have Frici Mella, the founder of F.Mella Investments, which has done remarkable funds management over 15 years. Last year, they decided to join with the revolution and start trading with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Nowadays all the news talks about these magical currencies.


Let’s talk about Fruo. Fruo plans to launch multiple projects concerning privacy and payments. Main features will be anonymous currency exchange, and anonymous crypto wallet which can store all your cryptocoins. Although you can store your coins privately, using other coins are still trackable. Also, Fruo plans to launch prepaid MasterCard which is not linked to your identity in any way. And which allows you to pay anywhere in the world with your private coins.


Fruo plans to launch many features and you can check them out on their site fruo.co To fund this project, they will be launching ICO soon. All the ICO participants will later receive FruoCoins in return for the investment. This is not just any other ico, where they create a coin just to collect funding. In Fruo, their launched FruoCoin will be the main feature of their privacy network. FruoCoin will be the thing which makes payments anonymous.

How is its anonymity provided, you may ask. That’s what Frici will answer here today. Welcome, Frici. “Hello, thank you for inviting me, it’s an honor to be here. With Fruo, we plan to change people’s lives and make payments easier. With FruoCoin, we can provide privacy thanks to its special architecture. It uses latest KKVG technology. This means, firstly, that payment’s sender and the receiver and the amount information is not publically available. It’s available in 99% of the coins out there and this is a big issue in transparent money. You can see online where every payment is made, but just don’t know who sent the money and where. In bitcoin, you can see the sender, the amount, the receiver and how did the receiver spend it. Secondly, for extra privacy, every payment you make from your wallet generates 2 new fruocoin addresses, which will be used to confuse tracks. You don’t see these addresses but your money will be transferred through these. Even the receiver will not know who sent the funds. Thirdly, our system is connected to TOR network, which hides every users’ IP address. This means, even if somebody tracks down the payment sender, they can’t identify them ever because their IP is hidden. With all these features together, payment’s privacy is guaranteed 100% and no matter how good of a hacker you are or how fancy government surveillance technology you have, you just can’t trace any payment or even any user who uses our anonymous coins. This is something only we can offer.”


This sounds perfect coin for moving dirty money, is this even legal to provide such a thing. “Sadly, yes dirty money moves around in different ways all the time, this is just inevitable. Right now, ICO s are legal in most countries and using our coin would be totally legal. We deserve to have our privacy and we’ll fight for it. Even if some governments forbid our coin, they cannot tell you if you’re using our coin or not. Thanks to decentralization, there’s no way to just shut down our coin. Our system is not on one server, which you can easily switch off, our system works on thousands of servers and computers around the world. Nothing will happen if you shut one server down. We don’t want to be against the law, but when it comes to that point, we will fight for our privacy until a change is made in our world.”


All this sounds very interesting, but how can I get FruoCoins privately? That’s the biggest issue, if you want total anonymity, then it would not be wise to buy your coins with a credit card or with PayPal. One way is to exchange your other coins to fruocoins in exchange. If you do that, then make sure to do it in fruo exchange. Another thing we plan to do is Local Fruos, this is like localbitcoins where real people are ready to exchange real money for coins. You give them cash, and you’ll receive your fruocoins shortly after that. Also, in the future, there’s a plan to launch Fruo ATMs where you can insert any local currency and get fruocoins for exchange.”


Now, I got it, but if I want to invest in your project, how can I do that? “We will be launching our coin offering soon. Then everyone has a chance to be the first owner of our special coin. And hopefully, our investors can make some profit out of it. First investors will also get a bonus for free. After the ICO, we will list our coin in some major exchanges, so investors can start trading with it.”


Thank you Frici. And please let us know, when the ICO starts, I would like to participate in it also. I haven’t seen any ICO project this promising before. Good luck.

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