KFC Canada Now Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

KFC Canada Now Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

That’s right, you can now buy KFC’s fried chicken with bitcoin in Canada. The fast-food chain is now accepting the cryptocurrency for a limited time for customers to buy a Bitcoin-themed chicken bucket called the “Bitcoin Bucket”. At the same time, KFC will also place a Facebook-based live tracker of the bucket’s price corresponding to the bitcoin-dollar exchange rate.

To solve the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the company has pegged the price of a Bitcoin Bucket at $20, which will be converted into fractions of a bitcoin when a purchase is made.

How To Pay?

In case you’re wondering how you can walk into a Canadian KFC location and purchase the Bitcoin Bucket, well, you can’t, at least physically. Instead, it is bought online using Bitpay as one of the payment options and the bucket will then be delivered to the customer’s address (though a $5 shipping fee will be charged).

Currently, the Bitcoin Bucket is sold out (unfortunately).

KFC Officially On The Crypto Hype Train

With this publicity stunt, KFC now joins a fast-growing list of companies to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. The company’s social media team has been updating constantly on Twitter on the status of its mouthwatering Bitcoin Bucket. It has also suggested that other cryptocurrencies may be accepted as well in the future.

Regardless of what these crypto-related marketing campaigns do for the profitability of companies, they open up a yet-to-be explored territory for both marketers and consumers that would cause a lot of excitement. We are now seeing bitcoin become mainstream.

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