BCDiploma soon deployed by Avenir Santé Afrique Service to reach out 1 billion Africans

 In order to ensure the quality of training, BCDiploma and Avenir Santé Afrique (ASA) in cooperation with African training institutions, are partnering to set up an innovative certification and authentication tool for diplomas.

From 2018, Avenir Santé Afrique will deploy BCDiploma in Niger and sub-Saharan Africa.

This service will enable Africa to provide a recognized level of education and training to its 2 billion people predicted for 2040. By that date, Africa will represent 1 out of 5 workers on the planet and will be a global growth driver with an average growth rate of 6% per year.

Avenir Santé Afrique was founded by African and French health professionals.
Thanks to digital technology and managerial innovation, ASA facilitates and improves access to healthcare in Africa by establishing:
•           Connected health cells of orientation and prevention (CSCOP);
•           A personalized medical follow-up thanks to the integrated health record (DSI);
•           An interoperable information system;
•           A connected network of health professionals and facilities.

Avenir Santé Afrique, an approved player and privileged partner of the public authorities, manufacturers, laboratories and equipment manufacturers in Niger and many sub-Saharan countries, has decided to deploy BCDiploma in the following fields:
•           Health professionals’ certification process (faculties, schools and training institutes);
•           Approved data certification.


Vincent Tossa, CEO of Avenir Santé Afrique: “The convergence with BCDiploma will facilitate our recruitment process and ensure the quality of our staff. This will enable us to: show a high-performance level of patient orientation, improve the health system level in African countries and restore confidence in the global health system.”

Luc Jarry-Lacombe, CEO of BCDiploma: “The synergies between Avenir Santé Afrique and BCDiploma are huge: Avenir Santé Afrique has understood from the outset that BCDiploma answers the question of a certification service with sustainable, large-scale, reliable and cost-controlled deployment. Above all, Avenir Santé Afrique decided to use BCDiploma not only for certifications of medical staff, but also for certifications of data related to approved places, imported equipment, etc. This is the full potential of BCDiploma that we see here in action! Avenir Santé Afrique and BCDiploma have decided to put the blockchain at the heart of the African progress. Join the BCDiploma’s presale before January 18th!

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