DASH and Litecoin Analysis January 15, 2018


DASH continues to drift around, bouncing from the $1000 level on Friday. The market looks a bit limp, and quite frankly I think you can take your time before jumping in with both feet. However, if you are a short-term trader, you may be able to trade back and forth. I think we will probably go looking towards the $1100 level if we get any momentum at all, as it is obvious that there is massive support at the $1000 level, extending down to the $950 level. If we do breakout to the upside, expect a lot of resistance at $1200.


Litecoin has bounced a bit during the trading session on Friday, reaching towards the $250 level. I believe that we can go beyond there and find even more resistance at the $260 level. The $220 level underneath is offering support, and although I think we will see a move higher, I don’t necessarily feel that there is any compelling reason to put money to work though.

Thanks for watching, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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