FruoCoin Announces The Cooperation With Google

With a total of 700 billion market cap, cryptocurrencies have become part of our everyday lives. Investors see great opportunity and people sees a way to avoid banks and their huge transaction fees. Bitcoin is still the biggest cryptocurrency out there, but it has lost its market dominance of 90% to 30%.


2017 was Bitcoins year, but 2018 is probably some other crypto coins year. If you think it’s too late to invest into cryptocurrencies, then you’re wrong. Many say cryptocurrency market is a huge bubble, they may be right. But this bubble is not about to burst anytime soon. So why don’t take part of this huge market, and ride along with it?


One former Bitcoin developer says, 2018 may be the year when privacy coins take over the market dominance. “With recent news of net neutrality repeal, people are starting to look for new ways to still remain private online and also in real world.” Bitcoin was created to have transparency in payments and be independent of banks. But bitcoin, with most of the other cryptocurrencies, is too transparent. “It’s a good idea to publically show all the transfers and addresses in the blockchain, this lets us know there are no hidden fees and it shows us exactly when the receiver gets their funds.” Bitcoin shows us that blockchain technology works, and we can achieve the independence of banks and governments “Blockchain works, and now it’s time to add privacy to this amazing technology. We don’t want everybody to know where from we got our money where did we spend it.” Although, crypto addresses aren’t connected to specific persons, publically, it’s still possible to find out who owns which wallet. And with complete transparency, it’s also possible to track all the spendings.


To solve the privacy issue, there are few privacy concerned crypto coins. One of the newest cryptocurrency, which claims to give 100% privacy, just announced it’s cooperation with one of the biggest tech companies in the world. New crypto coin called FruoCoin may be the biggest innovation of the year 2018, and many experts predict big future for it. FruoCoin today announced it’s cooperation with Google on Twitter. We contacted with FruoCoin and they said they will announce more information really soon. G6 financial portal experts Mathias Damgaard says “FruoCoin’s idea is really good, and it will definitely gain big attention in 2018. This may be the “next bitcoin” and if they get the people’s attention, it may grow even bigger than Bitcoin. Only time can show us if it’s true”


FruoCoin uses the CryptoNote technology, which sends all transactions thru multiple disposable addresses. FruoCoin is also blockchain analysis resistant – only you can see your wallet balance and transfers. FruoCoin has integrated CryptoNote technology with TOR network, to hide crypto coin users IP addresses.


Currently, FruoCoins are publically for sale. You can get 1 FruoCoin with 1 US dollar. Everybody who is interested in this can buy FruoCoins from its website


If you are just curious and want to try out the new innovation, then you can get 2 FruoCoins for free from their giveaway, which ends at the end of January.


FruoCoin will hit major exchanges in February.
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