The North American Bitcoin Conference No Longer Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Method for Tickets

Are you planning on attending the North American Bitcoin Conference this year in Miami? If so, you should probably know that the conference has announced that anyone looking to purchase a ticket for the January 18 and 19 events will no longer be able to pay in the form of cryptocurrencies.

What Happened?

The North American Bitcoin Conference is a two-day event, and speakers from around the globe, some of which are perhaps the most influential blockchain industry leaders, will discuss a number of popular topics that center around the cryptocurrency industry, such as ICOs, token sale mechanics, blockchain technology, and Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are two popular digital currencies.

In the past, the conference has had Roger Ver, CEO of, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, and Charlie Shrem, bitcoin pioneer, as speakers.

The conference will take place in the main theatre, where speakers will each have a 20-minute speaking slot. There will also be an exhibitor hall where you can meet some of your favorite cryptocurrency companies. For anyone who enjoys both networking and the cryptocurrency sector, the North American Bitcoin Conference might be your cup of tea; it’s just unfortunate that you can no longer pay for your ticket with bitcoin to attend a conference solely about the currency.

According to the official conference website, the organization is no longer accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method due to “network congestion,” and “manual processing.”

Has This Happened Before?

This isn’t the first time organizations have had to change their plans for accepting virtual currencies as methods of payments. In fact, Microsoft just recently, for the time being, halted the acceptance of bitcoin as a payment method at its store. Further, in December of last year, Steam, which is a world-famous gaming service, announced that it will, due to “high fees”, stop accepting bitcoin payments.

The cryptocurrency industry, which took 2017 by storm, might still be heating up, but this news marks yet another problem that cryptocurrency users face when trying to use it for transaction fees.

One aspect of bitcoin that is constantly mentioned in the news is that the currency is extremely volatile, therefore it isn’t surprising that a number of organizations have had to stop using it as a payment because of the constant fluctuation, but I will say that this issue is probably extremely frustrating for anyone who is Team Cryptocurrency.

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