Watch Out Cryptokitties, The “World Of Ether” Crypto Game Is Taking Over

As the first Ethereum-based cryptocurrency centered game has all but simmered away, a new more in-depth game has emerged. Cryptokitties showed that there was a market need for gamified crypto assets, as nearly $19 billion USD sold, in these digital cats. However, the game lacked depth and game mechanics and World of Ether seeks to fill that void.

World of Ether was founded by Alain Goldman, who is a co-founder of the largest Ethereum meetup group in the world, and his brother, Stanley Goldman, who is a senior developer at GitHub.

In World of Ether, users are able to battle, breed, and sell a variety of monsters, creating a multi-level rich world to interact with. The game is very similar to that of Pokemon, where there are five different “types” of monsters, each with their own advantages and strategies: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, and Astral.

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As well as types, these monsters hold four grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary.

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The legendaries are extremely difficult to obtain, are very powerful, and valuable. Few players on the game will ever encounter them, though players have access to the game’s smart contracts and can view the secret in creating them.

Battling your monsters gives you experience on the game, which in turn increases your chances of breeding rare monsters.

WHY Blockchain-Based Games?

Games based on the blockchain hold many advantages and with World of Ether, the monsters live primarily on the Ethereum blockchain in a way that is truly decentralized. New breeds of monsters are discovered by users and when that user does discover that monster, the blockchain allows the user to be forever credited as the discoverer of that particular monster. Also, the market, aka the gamers, decides how many monsters come into existence and the founding team cannot create new monsters out of thin air, thereby devaluing existing monsters. This was the issue with cryptokitties and what caused many users to fall away from the game. Lastly, the market decides on the price of all the monsters and battle results cannot be manipulated or altered.

Currently, the World of Ether is translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and French. Cryptokitties, by comparison, was only in English and Tron (TRX) dogs, is currently only launched in Chinese.

The game launched it’s pre-sale of eggs on at 11 PM EST on 01/14/2018. 6 Hours later, there have been already 250+ eggs sold on its website, with the price of each egg raising by 0.00035 ETH with each sale. The full launch of the game is anticipated for Q1 2018. Currently, there have been 700+ eggs sold with the latest egg price going for 0.24535 ETH, and the current price of ETH is $1,311.66 USD.

In order to purchase eggs, you must download the MetaMask extension on your browser. I’ve provided a link below that walks you through step-by-step how to purchase these eggs. As more details emerge and the full-game is set to launch, subscribe to our site or check back to get the latest information.

“How To Buy World Of Ether Eggs”

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