ICO News: Gluon Partners with Stratis for Automotive Blockchain Platform

Gluon Partners with Stratis

The blockchain development platform company Stratis has chosen Gluon to be one of its flagship ICOs.

Gluon, a software company, has created a platform aimed at creating an interconnected network of vehicles. Both individuals and businesses will be able to use the Gluon platform to monitor, track, tune, and diagnose hardware issues with their vehicles, through the use of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, AI, and blockchain.

The Gluon platform, from the minds of an experienced team of automotive and technology executives and entrepreneurs, works well with Stratis’ desire to meet the needs of real-world financial services and businesses. Stratis believes in Gluon, stating that it is “a remarkable product with existing funding, impressive revenue and a global presence with offices across the US, UK, Sweden and India.”

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Like Stratis, Gluon is pushing boundaries and implementing change. Gluon is bringing blockchain to the automotive space. Through Gluon’s blockchain, vehicle service records, repairs, diagnostics, and even things like smog tests can be stored. At its simplest, Gluon is looking to help people understand their vehicles better. Gluon is looking to warn vehicle owners of any problems with their vehicles before having to take their vehicles to the shop to be diagnosed. This will help owners to reduce the cost of repair and to save time.

Consumers and businesses can pay, or receive, in crypto payments, but Gluon also acknowledges that crypto isn’t for everyone. Consumers and businesses can also pay or receive via more traditional forms of payments.

Gluon, through an ICO supported by Stratis, will be issuing its own utility token for consumers and businesses to use within the platform.

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Where will Gluon take the vehicle industry? You can check out the Gluon roadmap to see what exactly Gluon is planning to incorporate. Otherwise, think about your connection with your vehicle. Does your car break down at unpredictable moments? If it does, then maybe Gluon will be right for you.

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