SIRIN Labs’ Token (SRN) Up 280% and Stands Out Among The Rest

Sirin Labs Token

SIRIN Labs is sure making a name for itself, as it has created a new open-source blockchain-enabled smartphone and PC specifically designed with security in mind.

SIRIN started its ICO to create the new FINNEY products. Both the products will both run on the SIRIN OS, which is the company’s open-source operating system. The SIRIN OS is expected to launch sometime this year. From December 12th-26th of last year, the ICO raised $157 million, making it the fourth largest ICO raisings to date.

SIRIN Labs initially tried to launch its Solarin phone last May with a $14,000 price tag, obviously targeting a small niche market. In its launch, it only raised $10 million in sales and the company had to lay off one-third of its employees. The company’s new pivot towards affordable FINNEY products, geared towards the average cryptocurrency investor, has already far surpassed the measly $10 million in comparison.

The new FINNEY smartphone will be sold at a price tag of $999, comparable to many smartphones on the market today.

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The smartphone contains all the functionality of an Android phone but is run on SIRIN OS, which gives it multi-layered security. Both SIRIN’s PC and smartphone hold “BLOCKSHIELD”, which is the company’s proprietary technology that secures the devices’ cold storage crypto wallet. At the core of both FINNEY products lies its scalable, distributed, and ASIC-resistant ledger, which is its own independent blockchain network. SIRIN has partnered with the IOTA (MIOTA) foundation to develop DLC using IOTA’s Tangle consensus mechanism. The phone will offer a decentralized app store that is run by the community and allows users to browse through various dapps and spend their crypto on products and services. What most impresses me is that the phone holds 256 GB of internal memory storage and 8GB of RAM.

Source: icodrops

The SIRIN PC will seamlessly connect to its pairing phone, similar to an iPhone pairing with a Mac. The SIRIN PC is anticipated to sell for around $799. Like the phone, the PC has security at the core of its software, as cybercrime and fraud run rampant in the cryptocurrency space.

The token behind this security shield, SRN, has gained some major traction in less than 30 days from its launch. At press time, a single SRN is selling for $3.05, which is up 24% in 24 hours time. Since its launch, which was the day after Christmas, the token is up 280%.

As the SIRIN core team works on the development of its upcoming products, I suspect more crypto enthusiasts will get on board with this revolutionary project and that its altcoin will take off this year.

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