Cindicator (CND), NXT (NXT), & SIRIN Labs Token (SRN) Top Coins Today

Top Coins Today

Many of the top cryptocurrencies, have had a rough day today. Cindicator (CND), NXT (NXT), and SIRIN Labs Token (SRN) were among the top gainers today on the crypto market.


Source: CoinMarketCap

As I reported last week, Cindicator (CND) has been making major leaps in its price within the last week. It reached an all-time high today of $0.32, a coin. At press time, CND is selling for $0.29 a coin, up 33.16% in just 24 hours and up 222%, for the week.

Cindicator created an infrastructure for “Hybrid Intelligence” technology and currently sells the products to various companies. It recently released a bot project that saw close to 75% correct readings upon its tests. As this project expands, it seems that just recently mainstream cryptocurrency investors have caught wind of its potential and got on board. You can currently trade for Cindicator on Binance, Hitbtc, and Mercatox.


The NXT group has created its own blockchain based ecosystem of decentralized features. All of the features on this particular blockchain require the NXT cryptocurrency. Instead of building and changing the original Bitcoin source code, the developing team behind the NXT ecosystem wrote their own code in Java, completely from scratch.

NXT is a public blockchain but licenses for private blockchains are available for purchase.

Source: NXT

As you can tell from the screenshot of the NXT ecosystem above, it offers various things such as Assets and Asset Exchange, Monetary System, Marketplace, Messaging Platform, Voting System, and a Data Cloud.

The coin has taken a nosedive, since its record high of $2.10, back on December 23rd. Currently, the coin is selling for $0.36 a coin, up 16.51%, in 24 hours. As the team continues to improve the ecosystem, hopefully, the coin can rally back as it offers a different spin on projects.

You can trade for NXT on Bittrex, Upbit, Poloniex, HitBTC, and AEX.

SIRIN Labs Token

As I posted earlier today, SIRIN labs has been making some serious gains within the cryptocurrency space.

Source: CoinMarketCap

It raised $157 million last month in its ICO and since launching its Sirin Labs Token (SRN), the token has seen gains of 280%, in less than a months time. The money raised, is set to go into the development of their new blockchain-based security driven smartphone and PC. It seems that many are excited about the launch of these products this year and see their potential within the cryptocurrency space.

As hacks became rampant last year among exchanges, it seems cryptocurrency investors are looking for top security lately. Sirin labs has not yet set a date for the release of these products but you can review their features in my post.

At press time, SRN is currently selling at $3.39 a coin, up 35.80% in 24 hours. You can trade for this cryptocurrency on Liqui, Bancor Network, Tidex, and EtherDelta.

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