Tron Dogs English Just Launched but Tron (TRX) Coin Suffers

The English version of the newest trending cryptocurrency game, Tron Dogs, has officially launched. Tron (TRX) made some major gains in the cryptocurrency space, within the first week of January. In a week’s time, TRX jumped nearly 500% in price.


Tron’s price has dropped almost as low as it was at the end of December. However,  this is not symbolic of a flaw in the game, the market, as a whole, has suffered these past few weeks with various world regulations, exchange issues, coinmarketcap removing three Korean exchanges abruptly, and the ramp up to the Lunar New Year.

Many Tron enthusiasts have insisted that the coin has a long-term hold, as the project is ramping up to release its mainnet. However, there have been many people that have recently jumped on the “Tron train” that have quickly left, calling it a “pump and dump” on various cryptocurrency Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) groups and Reddit posts.


As first reported back in the first week of January, Tron’s developers have linked up with and have created a similar game to the ethereum “cryptokitties” but built it on its own blockchain.

The team just launched its English version today but the launch was a lot later than expected – not until around mid-day. It can only be accessed via desktop, so anyone wanting to buy on their phones will need to enable desktop view on their phones.

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Currently, you need to own a pet store in the game to make money from users buying dogs from you, and it will cost you 20,000 TRX. Currently, the price of a single TRX coin is around $0.06 USD, which would make buying a store just over $33,000. As the price of TRX rises, the more expensive these dogs will become. Currently, a single Tron dog costs you 200 TRX, which is a little over $3,200 USD.

The Tron developers have yet to release the breeding feature, in which users can pay to have their dog bred. By enabling this feature, Tron will allow normal users that don’t own a store, to make money by having others pay them to breed with their dogs.

What’s With Tron’s Price?

At press time, a single TRX coin is selling for $0.06 a coin, down -2.71% for the day. When cryptokitties launched on the Ethereum network, there was no significant dip or rise in the price of ETH. It is not expected that TRON’s price will skyrocket because of the launch of the game. However, the price of the coin has risen within the last few hours.

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