Cryptocurrency Expert Jimmy Song to Join Blockchain Capital

Jimmy Song

The blockchain and cryptocurrency sector has become immensely popular both this year and last year, with a number of companies announcing a move into the industry. Meanwhile, companies that are already involved in the sector, and have been long before the hype surrounding the technology emerged, are now making advancements in their corporate models in order to give themselves a competitive edge in a now in-demand sector.

The latest to do so is Blockchain Capital, which is a premier venture capital firm that focuses primarily on blockchain technology. To give themselves an edge, Blockchain Capital announced today that Jimmy Song will be joining the firm, taking on the role of Venture Partner.

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Sure, this announcement might not be as exciting as say, creating a new blockchain application, but I do believe it will help to benefit the firm in the long-run. Why? Because Mr. Song has years of experience under his belt that could prove to be beneficial for Blockchain Capital.

Mr. Song is considered to be an expert when it comes to cryptocurrency technology, and rightfully so. He started his venture into the cryptocurrency sector two years after Bitcoin, a digital currency, was first founded back in 2009. Since then, Song has done a considerable amount of bitcoin development work.

Not only that, Mr. Song has acted as a principal architect at Paxos, a blockchain firm, and, at present, is in charge of a training company called Programming Blockchain. For these reasons, I believe Song will succeed in his new role with Blockchain Capital.

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With that being said, I could argue that Blockchain Capital already has a competitive edge. Why? Because it’s one of the earliest and most active investors in the industry. However, with help from Mr. Song, it’s very likely the firm could exceed all current expectations. Personally, I think it will be exciting to see the direction the firm takes going forward now.

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