Tron (TRX) Dogs In English Just Launched, Again

Tron (TRX) Dogs In English

Earlier in the week, I reported that the English version of Tron Dogs had just been launched on By the time the news broke to most of the Tron (TRX) community, it had been taken down by its development team. The website read: “To all our respected users, we’re very sorry that the release of the English, Korean, and Japanese versions has been delayed. To produce the best experience possible, we are currently working very hard to release them before the end of the week.”

Source: Tron.Game

It remains unclear as to why it was taken down but the game currently seems to be running smoothly.  An upgrade from the previous launch is that on the website’s homepage, you no longer have to choose English as the language. It now automatically defaults to English for you. However, not all of the text on the main page has been fully translated yet.

The breeding feature of the game still has no launch date, as it was originally set to launch on the 29th. The new launch date for the Korean and Japanese versions of the game still remain unknown.

Tron Dogs English First Launch >>

There have been some issues with cryptocurrency transfers within the game and this might be why developers felt it was necessary to take down the English version down for the week. Some users on Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) reported that they had transferred their TRX to the game, bought the dogs but never received them. It seems that they were using the Chinese Tron Dogs game with Google Translate. However, the latest reports on the newly launched English version, say otherwise.

The latest development of the Tron Dogs game that has come to light, is that owners must look after your Tron Dogs or they will die. I’m not entirely clear what “looking after them” entails but users of the game are calling it the most “clever coin burn” of all-time. Many coins with high circulating supplies, like Ripple (XRP), use these tactics to “burn” the unused coins and drive down the circulation. When the circulation is down, aka a limited supply, demand essentially goes up. The details of how to keep up with your Tron pups still remains unknown but this feature will not be implemented until the full game releases.

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Many have been confused as to where the Tron Dogs English game is actually launched. The website, is not the actual site and from my understanding seems to be completely unassociated with the actual game. This website shows that the game will be launched “soon” and hopefully its owners don’t launch a fake game of their own. That could be disastrous. If you would like to play Tron Dogs, you can access it here.

The price of TRX has yet to be positively affected by the launch of the game. Currently, Tron is selling for $0.066 a coin, down -3.42% in 24 hours.

What do you think of the game so far? Leave your comments below.

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