Will 2018 be the Year for DENT?


Who is DENT?

DENT is creating an open global marketplace for buying and selling mobile data. Through the use of Blockchain, it wants to create the world’s first mobile-data-exchange and if successful, will liberate mobile data and greatly disrupt the Telco industries.

Essentially, the ultimate goal is to make the global telecommunications industry more efficient and less costly for its users.

Mobile data users who arrive at their month-end with leftover data will find this especially beneficial. DENT gives those users an opportunity to sell their extra data to someone who needs it. All-in-all, the mobile app allows users to buy, sell, and donate data easily.

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How will DENT do this?

The website lists three objectives: liberating mobile data, disrupting international roaming, and automating mobile data purchases.

  1. Liberating mobile data

DENT wants to become the worldwide currency for mobile data. With its “Data Sharing Economy”, users will be able to buy, sell, or donate their mobile data.

2. Disrupting international roaming

It will remove the causes behind large data roaming costs, such as the expensive routings between telcos. This will then lower the costs for the users.

3. Automating mobile data purchases

It will set up the ability to auto-purchase mobile data from the most suitable operator in the user’s region. This will eliminate the problem of getting too much or too little data and will provide the user with the best possible price for their needs.

DENT is working on the Ethereum blockchain, using Ethereum smart contracts to process data transfers. The DENT coins will be used for the data transfers. Currently, users can trade with Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Neo (NEO), and Qash (QASH).

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What has it Already Achieved?

DENT’s ICO was held in July of last year. Of the 100 billion DENT tokens created, 70% were allotted for the token sales; approximately $4.3 million was raised.

The cryptocurrency recently signed an agreement with Datami Inc., giving DENT access to more than 400 million mobile users in India and Brazil. Global reach for the company will now be enhanced due to other partnerships with Aquto and U2opia Mobile. The partnership with Aquto will allow Aquto users to use the DENT platform and the partnership with U2opia extends DENT’s reach to a growing number of global operators.

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Will 2018 be the Year of DENT?

DENT’s price started taking off in December but really began to excel at the beginning of January,  achieving its all-time high of $0.11 on January 9th. It has fallen since, but the altcoin is beginning to rise again; in the last 24 hours it has increased by 25.29% and is currently trading at $0.04.

DentSource: CoinMarketCap

It is currently ranked as the 64th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $456 million.

DENT still has a lot of great achievements to look forward to in 2018, if it’s ‘mobile app roadmap‘ is to be accomplished. Users have the ability to earn either DENT tokens or data rewards by watching an ad. When a user watches an ad on the app, the ad company can agree to pay the user a set amount of data as a reward. Or, if the company doesn’t sign on for this feature but still wants to advertise with DENT, they will be granted a set amount of tokens for watching the ad.

This concept is interesting and similar to watching an ad on a mobile game app so you can get more points to use in that game. People like reward-based actions, so this is sure to be a highly lucrative step once advertisers sign on and pay the company to publish their content.

The plan is solid for 2018 so I’m going to be keeping my eye on this particular altcoin to see if 2018 really does become the year for DENT.

Check out DENT’s YouTube channel for more information and videos.

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