Faceter ICO Presale. Faceter is the First Decentralized Surveillance System with Facial Recognition.

Faceter ICO presale

The Faceter ICO presale starts on February 1st. It is amongst the top ranking upcoming ICOs on ICObench, with a 4.8 rating.

Faceter is going to be the first decentralized surveillance system for consumers. State-of-the-art surveillance equipment is too expensive for the average consumer, but affordable surveillance systems are not equipped with security measures such as facial recognition. So how do you solve this problem? Enter Faceter.

Faceter is creating video surveillance systems that operate seamlessly with enhanced facial detection, object detection, and real-time video analysis. The algorithm behind Faceter has been tested and approved by LFW and MegaFace, both accredited facial recognition databases and datasets. Basically, it can understand what it is seeing and respond to it. This means it can alert the user to someone’s presence. For example, when a person walks by the camera, a push notification is received to the phone. Imagine the continued benefits this could have for security.

That’s just the beginning though. According to the roadmap, in 2019 Faceter will introduce body recognition. So even if the face is hidden, Faceter surveillance systems will be able to recognize a person based on their height, weight, and build. Sex, age, race, and even emotions are being worked on in 2018.

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The Faceter ICO presale will run from February 1st – March 1st. There will be 8 million FACE tokens available. The regular ICO will run from March 10th – April 30th, although it may begin earlier if the presale closes early by reaching its hard cap.

According to a recent tweet, the Faceter team is feeling optimistic about the presale prospects:

Faceter ICO presaleSource: Twitter

The crypto community seems to be responding positively to the concept as well, giving its rating on ICObench.

The token distribution can be seen below:

Faceter ICO presaleSource: TokenSale

With CCTV everywhere surveillance is unavoidable. Faceter is entering a market with untapped potential. Will you be waiting out for the Faceter ICO presale?

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