LISK (LSK) & Stellar (XLM) Up Today. Are These The Ones To Watch for 2018?

Lisk and Stellar

Lisk and Stellar are two coins set to have a big year ahead of them. An indicator of this is what transpired yesterday after news broke from South Korea. The news shook the market – most of the top 10 coins were down in the double digits. Despite this, however, Lisk and Stellar are now rebounding steadily with Stellar being the top coin in the top 10. 

What news yesterday was that South Korea spoke of its stance on cryptocurrency and began implementing new rules to halt anonymous domestic cryptocurrency transactions on numerous exchanges. As news began making its way worldwide, the market panicked and suffered as a result.

However, things look brighter today as Kim Dong-Yeon, the Minister of Finance for South Korea, has allayed fears. He clarified that regulating the exchanges is the current task at hand. and continued;“there is no intention to ban or suppress cryptocurrency.” 

As confidence continues to settle on the new regulations in South Korea, the market as a whole should continue to rebound. Lisk (LSK) is one of those top cryptocurrencies whose price has gone the opposite way than most in the last 24 hours.

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What is Lisk?

Lisk and Stellar

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Lisk, like many projects, is an open-sourced blockchain platform. What makes this project stand out is that it is written in JavaScript; a well-known programming language. LSK tokens power the blockchain and the project allows developers to build applications on their own ‘sidechain’ which is linked to the entire Lisk network.

Lisk was forked from the Crypti blockchain, back in 2016. It is similar to Ethereum and NEO in a sense that it allows developers to build on top of the blockchain with smart contracts. The biggest differentiator is the fact that these decentralized applications are implemented on a side chain, making it much easier to scale. Another positive aspect of the sidechains is: if any complications arise with other applications, it doesn’t affect the entire chain. This eliminates the need for an entire blockchain ‘hard fork’ – a problem which plagues Ethereum currently.

But why Java? The Lisk team decided to use JavaScript due to it being the most popular programming language in the world and therefore having huge web-wide accessibility. So the reason is simple – the more developers, the more value.

Currently, Lisk is selling for $26.69 a coin, up 23.34% in 24 hours. In a year, LSK is up a staggering 16,580%. It can be traded on Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, Livecoin, and Poloniex.

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Stellar (XLM)

As mentioned, Stellar is the top coin rebounding today. It remains unclear as to why it is currently standing out from the rest but this coin has grown exponentially since early 2017. In one year, the coin is up over 25,000%. If the project can gain other mainstream partnerships like their current IBM (NYSE:IBM) partnership, the coin should continue to soar.

Currently, Stellar is selling at $0.52 a coin, up 4.65%, in 24 hours.

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