Rebranded SportyCo Set to Score with Platform Launch

This year has already witnessed an unprecedented number of new startups with innovative blockchain solutions to everyday problems, and it is only a month old. One such company, previously known as SportyFi, has rebranded to SportyCo but still offers the same innovative approach to sports and athletes.

The concept is a unique one which facilitates a change how sports and athletes are being financed to achieve athletic success. There is a lofty entry barrier for professional sports in today’s highly competitive world. Emerging athletes face a growing number of issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in global professional and amateur events.

A blockchain based financing platform could be the solution for athletes and investors alike. By disrupting the existing model SportyCo aims to democratize and decentralize sports investment in order to achieve greater athletic success.

Rebranding for platform launch

A rebranding was necessary due to close links with the name SportyFi and a popular music sharing app that dominates the internet search engines. The London based team has decided to kick off with a brand new name to coincide with the imminent launch of its platform in March. The developers are hard at work putting the final touches on the platform while the design team is re-working all of the online materials.

The name SportyFi may appear from time to time but from now on the company is fully rebranded to SportyCo. Over the coming week there will be a number of new and exciting announcements about the platform and new brand.

One of the world’s leading blockchain development companies, Spartan Solutions, has teamed up with SportyCo to provide a raft of exciting new features and services for the platform. The two firms are continuously in contact and cooperation as the platform launch draws near. The combined knowledge of SportyCo’s sports industry acumen and Spartan’s blockchain and technology insights will bring several ideas and concepts to reality for the new platform.

Professional endorsement

A number of high profile soccer stars have endorsed SportyCo and among them is Roberto Carlos who joins the team as Partnership Manager. Carlos is a footballing legend who won the FIFA World Cup with Brazil in 2002. He has since won several more Champions League and La Liga titles with Real Madrid and is an ambassador for the sport. His role will include reaching out to sports organizations, clubs and other sports entities around the globe and bringing them onboard with the SportyCo project.

In addition to world class footballers SportyCo also has ambassadors from other professional sports including basketball, skiing and boxing. With such a strong team of technical experts and sporting legends the project is bound to achieve a big score in the world of sports and athletics.

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