DigixDAO (DGD), Dentacoin (DCN), and Nano (XRB) Take Off

The crypto winners for the day are Dentacoin (DCN), DigixDAO (DGD), and Nano (XRB).

These altcoins have experienced the largest percentage gains of the day so far. After the India crisis of yesterday, it’s nice to see some coins back in the green.


DigixDAO has experienced the biggest gains of the day so far, increasing by 25.43%% in the past 24 hours and is the 34th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. DGD is currently trading for $333.83.

The platform tokenizes gold on Ethereum by leveraging distributed ledger technology.

DigixDAO was one of the few coins that managed to survive yesterday’s crypto fallout and came away as the top gainer yesterday as well.

Source: CoinMarketCap

DigixDAO is on the up and up today, continuing its growth from yesterday, when it was trading just below $300.00. Ironically, the value of gold has gone down today.

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Dentacoin has gained 13.71% in the past 24 hours. DCN is currently trading at $0.001049 and is ranked as the 60th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Dentacoin, not to be confused with Dent coin, is essentially crypto for dentists. It is a blockchain built for the Global Dental Industry. Dentacoin is looking to improve dental care across the globe and to make dentistry more affordable and accessible.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Dentacoin is up right now, but, unlike DigixDAO, it looks like DCN is slowly declining as the day wears on.

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Nano, formerly known as RaiBlocks, has also experienced top growth today, increasing by 9.60% in the last 24 hours. XRB is currently trading for $17.54 and is ranked as the 16th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Nano’s rebrand was about emphasizing the altcoin’s sleek speed with transactions. Transactions are what Nano is all about – instant, without fees, and infinite scalability. Nano transactions can be processed anywhere and are designed for seamless checkouts.

What do you think? Will DigixDAO maintain its lead? Will Dentacoin lose the growth it’s gained so far? Will Nano continue to grow? Comment below to tell us your thoughts.

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