Source: Screenshot, Bitcoin Only (South Park Post Covid), Eric Young VFX, YouTube

The South Park: Post Covid animated movie flick makes a number of bitter predictions on where we are headed, placing the series’ characters in the year 2061. However, it presents a future in which bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are a dominant payment method.

Forty years from now, the hit series’ protagonist Stanley “Stan” Marsh lives the not-so-glamorous life of an online whiskey sampler. After receiving a call from from old pal Kyle Broflovski, he finds out their mutual hometown friend Kenny McCormick had died. Stan returns to South Park to pay his respects to the deceased friend who had been presumed dead countless times (hence the show’s ultimate catchphrase: “Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!”) until eventually passing away, this time for real.

In his hometown, Stan checks into a Super 12 Motel Plus where the clerk he talks to casually lets viewers know about the role cryptocurrencies play in the distant future, according to the show’s creators.

“Now, of course we only take bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because, you know, it’s the future. We’ve all decided centralized banking is rigged so we trust more fly-by-night Ponzi schemes,” he tells Stan.

The cheek-in-tongue remark triggers no amazement from the main character, who replies with a cool: “Yeah, I know.”

The animated series has long targeted global finance and ridiculed some of its aspects. In an earlier episode, Margaritaville, aired on March 25, 2009, the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone depict an economic downturn that hits South Park and the rest of the US after the show’s characters deposit money into a bank whose manager then invests it in a money market mutual fund.

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