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Our experts


Bradley Flynn

Cryptocurrency expert


I have been trading with Bitcoin, since 2012. Bitcoin and all other coins may be in a bubble, but there’s a lot of time till it burst. Let’s take advantage of it, right now is the best time to invest cryptos and make a quick profit out of it.


George Hooper

Cryptocurrency expert


Cryptocurrencies are not just another hype. I truly believe the technologies behind cryptocurrencies may solve huge problems in the future. People just don’t realize it yet and think of the coins just a quick way to gain wealth.


Connor Wilkinson

Cryptocurrency expert


I have seen many things in my lifetime and watched the technology field to grow enormous. Bitcoin is truly the greatest invention of this century. It’s already changing the world.


Mathias Damgaard

Cryptocurrency expert


Being ahead of the greatest inventions is the hard task, which may return you enormously. I’m analyzing everything and will seek for the next invention, which will change our everyday lives. I will let you know, which is the next Bitcoin.