Billionaire William Sheppard just invested almost million dollars on this ICO.

Exclusive! Founder and CEO of multi-billion company Alliance Tech just made an enormous contribution to a new crypto startup project.


Currently, the easiest way to get funding for your startup project is to run an ICO. This method has become so popular, that nowadays it’s really hard to find a legit project or even a startup project which is actually connected to the crypto industry. Many famous and wealthy people have called the cryptocurrencies and everything related to them a big hype. They want to stay away from these, in afraid of the bubble burst.



In light of all that we were truly amazed, when we saw the tweet from William today:


“Cryptocurrencies are not dead, although the regulations are pushing really hard, good and legit projects will stand out. Today, after a long discussion with the founder of Omeno, I made my first ICO contribution. I’m now a proud owner of 50 000 Omeno tokens. Thank you Omeno team, and good luck. I really do believe you can change the crypto and forex industries.”


From the tweet, William claims to purchased 50 thousand Omeno Tokens, at current ICO price, worth 500 000 USD. William doesn’t specify how much did he pay for the tokens. With Pre-ICO bonuses, the sum may be about 300 – 400 USD-s. It’s still a large number of funds. Omeno’s soft cap is only 100 000 tokens, this means half of it is now owned by the billionaire William.


This brings up the question, is it fair to accept such sized contribution from a single person. This makes it unfair to smaller contributors. Everyone should have a chance to participate in ICOs, which are good projects.


We contacted Omeno founder Charles Hutchinson to find out more details about the contribution. After exchanging multiple emails, Charles said “Yes, a large contribution was made and I’m really thankful for it. This contribution fills almost half of our soft cap, but everyone still has a chance to participate in the ICO. We have set the hard cap for 1 million tokens. Our soft cap is the number, how many tokens we needed to sell to build our first working prototypes and to start generating income. Hard cap has been chosen by the amount needed to build all the working products and to have a marketing budget. Depending on how much funds we will receive during the ICO, we can estimate how fast we can turn our business profitable and beneficial for everyone. Williams has a huge part in our project and he promised to help us to succeed in the future”


You can read that everyone still has a chance to participate in the ICO. How fast and how successful the project will become, depends on the number of funds received during the ICO.


But what is this Omeno, where Williams contributed such amount and advise his friends to do the same?


This may sound sketchy, but Omeno is a project, which claims to give financial freedom to everyone. Their slogan is “Your financial freedom starts here” More interesting part is how they are planning to do that. They are going to build three main platforms, which all are beneficial for most traders. And the financial freedom part will be received thanks to leveraged assets. Most popular leveraged assets are CFDs and Forex markets. In leveraged markets, your open orders can exceed the capital amount. And so up to 500 times, or even more. This makes it possible to trade large amounts of assets, without the need of having the same amount of collateral.


Omeno will provide tools, which will help you to start making successful trades.


The story about how easy it all will be is quite impressive and the other question is, should we believe it? Well, yes. If you look at all the features they will provide. These are not just words from the sales pitch, because they even have a prototype of the platforms showing how it all is going to work. And there’s an actual market for it. Although new regulations and laws, CFD and Forex trading become more popular every day.


The idea is actually pretty interesting and has a good cause. And what makes it an investable ICO, is the low supply. This gives the project a lot of room to grow. Omeno may be the best ICO to invest right now. Although it’s not implying to be independent cryptocurrency, you may call it the next Bitcoin.


It may be the best ICO of summer 2018, but please do your own research before contributing in this project.


Find out more from their website




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