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The Global
fintech service provider, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR) has
introduced BRx Match, a comprehensive cloud-based reconciliation and matching
solution designed to address reconciliation and data integrity challenges. BRx
Match aims to streamline and simplify the reconciliation process for
businesses, improving efficiency, transparency, accuracy, and reducing risk and
total cost of ownership.

BRx Match Simplifies Complex
Data Reconciliation

reconciliation solutions often struggle to provide a consolidated and coordinated
approach to reconciling data across various business areas. BRx Match addresses
this issue by offering a unified platform that simplifies data acquisition and
transformation, along with core matching rules for common reconciliation tasks.

can choose from different matching engines to obtain optimal results and have
the flexibility to design, build, test, modify, and deploy their
reconciliations with self-build capabilities.

global regulatory requirements become more complex and increasing transaction
volumes demand greater operational efficiency and risk management, BRx Match
allows financial and corporate clients to automate the reconciliation of any
data sources and expedite the exception management process,” said Alastair
McGill, the General Manager of Data Control Solutions at Broadridge.

“With business-user self-build capabilities, the platform accelerates the
onboarding of new reconciliations, thereby reducing total cost of ownership and
creating a more responsive operation. BRx Match is the latest example of how
Broadridge is streamlining the front-to-back environment for our clients
through easing data integration and simplifying and accelerating the
reconciliation and exception management process.”

Seamless Transition to Enhanced

Match is data agnostic, making it flexible for reconciling various types of
data, including securities, cash, derivatives, reference data, card services, financial, and
insurance data. The platform offers robust control, consistent user
experiences, full exception management, workflow, a consolidated audit trail,
and comprehensive reporting.

Scher, Research Principal at Celent, noted that the financial
industry is experiencing a surge in transaction volumes across asset classes,
leading to an increasing need for efficient reconciliation processes. Firms are
seeking ways to streamline and consolidate reconciliation processes under a
single platform, ultimately reducing total ownership costs.

Match will be integrated non-disruptively for Broadridge’s existing clients,
offering a self-service capability for reconciliation tasks. Clients will
receive the BRx Match UI and product enhancements as part of their existing
service agreements, supporting a seamless transition to the new platform.

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