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For many people, a simple trip to the grocery store can quickly become more expensive than planned. With how busy life gets, you may be looking for a way to stock up your fridge with all the necessary food essentials without wasting time at the store. The good news is that you don’t have to break your budget when getting groceries delivered to your house.

Here are a few tips to help you save big when using grocery delivery services.

Use your grocery store’s app or website to stay on budget

Before you get your groceries delivered, you must first place an order. That means you’ll need to fill a virtual cart so the store knows what to put in your shopping bags. If you’re ordering directly through your grocery store or a third-party delivery service, you can use the website or app to your advantage. You’ll see the item price before you add it to your cart.

This can help you avoid spending beyond your means. When you shop in person, you’ll see the prices listed, but it can be hard to keep track of the total as you shop. That makes it easy to overspend, and you could end up with a high grocery bill. Getting groceries delivered makes it easier for many people to stick to their budget and helps to avoid a costly bill.

Consider a grocery delivery subscription

If you get your groceries delivered regularly or hope to start doing so soon, paying for a grocery delivery subscription can be beneficial. You’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, but it could save money on delivery and service fees — which could be a win for your checking account if you get groceries delivered frequently.

Instacart+ is one grocery delivery subscription to consider. You’ll pay $9.99 per month or $99 per year and can enjoy free delivery on qualifying orders of $35+ and reduced service fees. Is Instacart+ worth it? Our detailed guide can help you decide.

Before signing up for a service like this, check if your rewards credit card offers a free, limited-time subscription as a credit card benefit. Some of the best Chase credit cards currently offer this perk to cardholders. You could save money by activating a free subscription.

Don’t ignore in-app coupons and deals

Many grocery stores offer additional ways to save money through loyalty programs. Often, these programs provide clippable coupons or meal deal opportunities to help shoppers save more money. You can discover these extra ways to save through your grocery store mobile app or website.

As you complete your online shopping order for grocery delivery, pay attention to these deals so you don’t overspend. Every opportunity to save adds up and impacts your wallet.

Stock up on dry goods

While it’s difficult to stock up on foods that spoil quickly, like milk and fresh produce, you can stock up on other essentials like paper goods, canned fruits and vegetables, nuts, cereals, and canned fish and meats. If you have extra storage space and prefer grocery delivery, you can save money by loading up on these essentials.

Doing this can reduce the number of grocery delivery orders you need to place throughout the year. The fewer orders you need to make, the more money you’ll save on service fees, delivery fees, and tips. Plus, it’ll feel good knowing you’re prepared by having fully stocked shelves.

Opt for grocery pickup instead

While it’s not quite the same as getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep, you can order groceries from your favorite local grocery store and do curbside pickup. Many small and big retailers offer this service, and it’s an affordable solution that allows you to add convenience to your life without paying additional fees. I’ve personally done this to save time.

Grocery delivery doesn’t have to break the bank

If you value convenience, you may want to give grocery delivery a try. While this service comes at an extra cost, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Using the strategies above, you can save money on grocery orders while freeing up extra time in your busy life.

For more ways to save money, check out our personal finance resources.

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