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With months going by after Cloudzy first introduced Crypto payment solutions, how has it performed so far?

When Cloudzy first introduced the incorporation of cryptocurrency payment gateways as part of their payment solutions, crypto skeptics and fans were both among the interested parties. These changes, which were implemented with the two stated goals of online anonymity and global VPS access, have had enough time to be tested. So now would be a good time to look back and evaluate the positive changes that it has caused.

Previously, Cloudzy emphasized the core reasoning behind the wide scale implementation of their brand new cryptocurrency payment gateways. The increasing demand for online anonymity, and demand for VPS from users that did not have access to conventional means to payment made up the bulk of their motivation for doing so.

Recently Cloudzy has revealed that the cryptocurrency payment solutions, despite some technical hiccups, have been all that they hoped for and more. Within the first two months the company was witness to an unprecedented amount of new VPS clients from countries and regions that previously did not have any representation as part of the overall customer base. Almost all of these users used cryptocurrencies. This is a clear indicator that the demand for Cloudzy services was always present in these regions and only with the implementation of crypto payment gateways were these users capable of getting their own VPS services.

Cloudzy also experienced a notable surge in demand for privacy coin payment solutions, notably Monero VPS. Together with the aforementioned new international users, these cases of growth clearly indicate shrewd understanding of the market and user demands on the part of Cloudzy.

Hanna Nozari, Cloudzy’s founder and CEO also had comments to reflect on the matter in a brief statement:

“There was little doubt that we had identified the correct pain points for VPS users when we decided to leverage cryptocurrency payment solutions to alleviate them. It’s heartwarming to know that people that previously could not access VPS services not can now do so with this step.”

Cloudzy is a leading tech company specializing in VPS and Cloud services based in Brooklyn , New York. You can learn more about Cloudzy’s update-bound cryptocurrency-backed VPS solutions here.

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