Cross-Chain Staking Platform Launching its Improved bRing 2.0

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DeFi platform recently released a brand-new version, bRing 2.0. They launched LP staking pools on BNB Chain and Harmony blockchains. The cross-chain staking opportunities that its users love are optimized in bRing 2.0, with new staking mechanics and improved reward and referral systems.

There are now two ways to stake: LP token staking and farming. In LP (liquidity pool) staking, users provide liquidity to their chosen token through an AMM, bRing prefers PancakeSwap, and then stake those LP tokens to earn rewards. Rewards are in the form of single tokens. In farming pools, users have the chance to earn tokens from other projects participating in the pool.

The main difference between bRing and bRing 2.0 is that users can now claim and unstake separately. These updated staking mechanics give users the freedom to use their rewards whenever they want. Once users decide on which pool to stake in, they can claim their rewards anytime. Each pool has a full staking period of 90 days.

bRing has given its referral system a serious overhaul. Whereas the previous referral system gave users a small percentage of the pool’s profit for staking, the new one gives both users and their referrals more earning ability in a multi-layered reward system. Now users can earn rewards from three sources instead of one. The new referral system consists of three levels: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level referrals. Rewards are derived from the referrals’ staking reward amount.

bRing’s development team designed their staking pools with users in mind, giving users an ideal staking experience: a simple interface with high APYs. Their pools are now open and rewards for users are currently high. Projects interested in adding their tokens to bRing’s pools can apply for a partnership here.

About Project

bRing Finance is developed by ElephantsLab. ElephantsLab is a blockchain research and product development company based in Ukraine. Their mission is to seamlessly integrate cryptotechnologies into the world. bRing 2.0 is their latest DeFi offering.

Visit bRing’s website to check out their new staking opportunities.

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