Investment Fund With 34% Monthly return rate?? What’s The Catch? Lecil Investments review.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the golden rule if you see offers like this. 34% return every month in a fully managed fund? “Just sit back and relax” – said on Lecil website.


We decided to look into it, thanks to a tip received from G6 news reader. Here’s the review of LECIL fully managed investments. The short answer for the 34% return question, NO. But it’s almost possible for selected people. Their most risky plan offers actually ~20% return rate, and to join it you need to wait until they invite you to invest with them. You need to join the waitlist on 




What is LECIL? Who are they?


“LECIL IS PRIVATE INVESTMENTS MANAGER. Lecil is founded on October 2000. Over time, Lecil’s system has changed, and today we are private investments company, which manages client funds. We have made investing easy and hassle-free with our customer friendly interface and self-service. Our clients don’t need to worry about anything because our team full of professionals will do everything for them. With 18 years of experience, we have developed unique investing strategies, which gives our clients stable and fast growth.” – Lecil website ABOUT page.


One of the Lecil founders is Edward Humffray. We cannot tell exactly where is he from, but the company is located in Los Angeles.




What do Lecil offer?

As you can see from the about section, they offer investment management services with unbelievable returns. They offer 4 different investment plans, which you can choose from depending on your risk tolerance and investment length. Their “safest” plan offers 4% returns, and their “riskiest” plan offer 34% returns. But here’s the first but – all rates are up to, which can mean this is just the maximum percentage which may never be achieved. You can see their plans below:




Up to 34%, so how much really?


Their investments performance is publicly available for everyone to see. If to believe the shown graphs, they offer even more than “up to” section. Even with the BASIC plan, once it earned over 11% per month – in 2016. Their STARTUP plan most successful month has been December 2017, when they offered almost 75% monthly profit. But every month haven’t been so profitable, for example in ULTIMATE plan, on March 2017 they lost over 39% within a month. So we calculated how much really you could’ve earned in the past with them. Results are surprising – with BASIC plan, the average monthly return rate has been 5.3%; With SILVER plan 11.2%; With ULTIMATE plan 19.2%; and the 34% return STARTUP plan has only generated an average of 15% monthly return. Although LECIL says you can cash out any time you want, you could’ve doubled your money within a few months if you’d chosen the right time to put money in and the right time to take it out. You can see the detailed graphs from 



Should you trust this company?


As you can see from the numbers below, they are impressive. 19 years of success, 109’000’000 USD invested, 275’000’000 USD profits, 8341 clients. If it’s so successful, why haven’t we heard of it before? Lecil claims to be private until 2013. This means 13 years, managing big clients funds only. In private. This explains why we haven’t heard of it. But since 2013, 6 years have passed, why we haven’t heard of them? According to their Facebook page, they were available only in the USA, until 2016. In December, they expanded into Europe and UK, by starting to accept EUR and GBP payments. On Facebook, they have almost 6000 fans. This is not much but shows the company clearly has some fan base. Since September 2017, they have expanded even more and started accepting over 10 different currencies worldwide.




But still, wouldn’t they be on every news and other sites, when they offer such big returns? Since 2017, everyone should be talking about them. That leaves us to the next question –



Is it really possible to earn such returns? Where’s the catch?


Yes, you can earn such returns and double your money within a year. BUT, only if you are selected one. It appears they are again in private and not accepting new investments. Since their performance is incredible it’s possible only while holding stable amounts of investments. They are not accepting more investments than they can handle. If you go to their website and try to invest, you will get an error saying “SORRY, ALL PLANS ARE FULL” but with an option to join the waitlist. What’s waitlist? If you really want to earn these profits, then join the list, and they will let you know once a spot opens in their investment funds. You can join the waitlist on





Yes, it’s possible to earn big returns, up to 20% monthly if you manage to get an invitation from them. You need to join the waitlist and they will let you know when the plan has an open spot for your investment. We don’t know how the waitlist system works, and how many people are already there, but it’s worth waiting to find out. Once you get invited to invest with them, just enjoy. We have joined the list, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Maybe you have more luck.



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