Hey there!

I’m Ethan Faulkner, and I’d like to welcome you to my journey page. I’m a financial analyst, and since 2015, fully committed to cryptocurrencies. My life seems to go very well right now, but it hasn’t been always like that.

My way to success has been very rough and difficult. I reached rock bottom when I was 25 years old. But this isn’t a sad journey, because on this site I’m going to help you on your way to financial independence.



On 19th September, I was born. My father was British business-men, and mother just a maid in Slovakia. I was just a regular child in a regular family. Most of the time my father was away, and I couldn’t spend much time with him.


After the graduation from high school, I moved to Great Britain to live with my father. I started The Institution of Engineering and Technology in London. Studied IT. Life started to go down, when my father passed away, in 2001, I reached rock bottom.


Set new goals in my life, and since then I’m thinking only positively. Even the terrible news, like having cancer in the early stage, couldn’t ruin my positivity. Because of everything in life, you can find something positive.


The beginning of the cryptocurrency revolution in my life started. The volatility of the market was what amazed me the most. As a financial analyst and trader, taking advantage of every rise and fall was great. And the overall market rise in 2017, made me bitcoin millionaire.