Money is a game you can win. First, understand the rules.

If you’re not where you want to be in your life, then it’s time to close the gap between the money you earn and the lifestyle you want – and get on track to creating the success you deserve.

Money will show you how.


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Rob is a self-made Property Investor, businessman/ Entrepreneur & public speaker, co-owning the Progressive Group with Mark Homer. Rob also hosts a podcast dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to start up businesses to disrupt the current status-quo of markets, products, and make a difference to peoples lives.

However, it wasn’t always that way, and in 2005 Rob was struggling to make ends meet as an Artist, selling his work for less than it was worth, if he could. He built up debt of almost £50,000 since leaving University, and had become frustrated and reclusive, feeling that he was missing something and there was more to life than money worries and unhappiness. Perhaps you can relate to this?


Rob had a painful, life changing event on December 15th 2005 that completely changed his life, that he shares at his events.

Fast forward to now just a few years later and Rob is a highly sought-after speaker on business, property & personal development. Having presented to over 100,000 people at paid property conferences, Entrepreneur Academies with Peter Jones, and consulting to wealthy investors in the Cayman Islands and around the world. Rob has partnered with many of the biggest household names in business, featured in prime time TV shows for Living as a Mentor, on Channel 4, the BBC, The Independent and The Business Channel, and now mentors other people who want to achieve the same results.

His taste in shirts divides opinion, his shoes upset stuffy businessmen, but he is commonly regarded as the best property speaker in the UK, getting more people to take action and get results than anyone else.


He believes his humble success is down to the Property system that Mark pioneered over 20,000 hours, and feels grateful and fortunate to have met such a great business partner and friend. Rob is on a personal mission to prove YOU, or anyone can do it, and is prepared to go public on that mission.