Over 30 ‘Elona’ Scam Tokens Spawn After Verbal Clash Between Musk and Kadyrov

Earlier this week, the President of the Chechen Republic – Ramzan Kadyrov – advised Elon Musk not to measure his strength against Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov went further, ironically calling Tesla’s CEO – Elona (the female version of his name).

As it goes with the nature of the crypto community, scammers created over 30 tokens containing the name Elona in just a few days.

Pre-History of the Twitter Dispute

The world’s richest man – Elon Musk – displayed his support towards Ukraine in its military conflict against Russia numerous times. At one point, he provided Starlink’s services to the population of the invaded country so they could have interrupted access to the Internet.

A few days ago, Musk even challenged Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to single combat. “Are you ready for this fight?” he tweeted back then.

As usual, his Twitter post received thousands of approving comments coming from all parts of the world. Among them were Kyiv’s mayor – Vitali Klitschko – and Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister – Mykhailo Fedorov.

However, the leader of the Chechen Republic and a close ally to Vladimir Putin – Ramzan Kadyrov – warned Musk to stand away from Russia’s President. In his view, the two individuals are in “completely different leagues.” Kadyrov argued that Putin is not also a judo master and mixed martial arts but also a strategist. On the contrary, he described Musk as a “businessman and Twitter user.”

The Chechen went further, calling Tesla’s boss “Elona” (an effeminate version of his name). “You’ll need to pump up those muscles in order to change from the gentle Elona into the brutal Elon you need to be,” he asserted.

Elona Tokens Flooding The Crypto Space

Some creative members of the crypto community seem to have found the verbal clash intriguing, launching 32 Elona-named tokens in the past two days. The blockchain security company PeckShield warned that most appear as scams, revealing that at least 15 of them seem to be “honeypot.”

#PeckShieldAlert #Elona #Honeypot PeckShield has detected ~32 $Elona were created between March 15 and 16 on #Ethereum.
15 out of 32 of these $Elona appear to be #honeypot. @elonmusk Do *NOT* fall prey to it.#ELONASHIBA #ELONAKONG #PRETTYELONA #SEXYELONA #ELONADOG #ELONvPUTIN pic.twitter.com/qphSrkgeRx

— PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) March 17, 2022

Tokens connected to Elon Musk or things related to him have emerged in the crypto space numerous times. Last Christmas, the entrepreneur posted a picture of his dog (named Floki) wearing a Santa Claus outfit. Shortly after, Santa Floki Coin came into existence, soaring over 18,000% in the following two days.

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