Request Finance Adds Avalanche to Facilitate Cryptocurrency Invoices

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Over a decade after the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) saw the light of day, the industry has spiraled out to become a global phenomenon, with countless projects, and a total market cap of over $2 trillion. This immense growth in such a relatively short period led to the creation of various internal niches, new products, offerings, and everything in between.

With the establishment of so many crypto-related businesses and the acceptance of digital assets to serve as payment methods, the next evolutionary step was, somewhat expectedly, issuing and handling crypto invoices for tax or accounting purposes.

This is where projects like Request Finance step in and the protocol’s latest endeavor came recently in which it tapped Avalanche to facilitate cryptocurrency invoices on a fast and transparent blockchain network.

Request Finance Integrates the Avalanche Network

Launched in 2021, Request Finance has quickly grown out to be among the leaders in terms of processed cryptocurrency payments, with nearly $200 million in such transactions compiled so far.

Some of its most notable partners include industry giants such as AAVE, MakerDAO, and The Sandbox.

The integration with Avalanche will allow Request Finance users to benefit from cheaper and faster transactions due to the former’s PoS blockchain.

The team has simplified the creation process. Upon logging in to their respective accounts, users can click on the “create an invoice” button, select the “your client information” field, choose a crypto payment option, and select the Avalanche blockchain from the “All networks” menu.

The remaining steps are quite similar to how it works with other blockchains. Additionally, users can pay invoices through Avalanche in a rather identical manner as they can choose its network from the sub-menus.

About Request Finance

Request Finance allows its users to see, manage, and pay all their digital asset invoices in one place. It’s being used by thousands of Web 3 companies to pay their suppliers, partners, contributors, and team members in cryptocurrencies. They have the option to choose from a growing list of over 70 different digital assets and to employ more than 10 blockchain networks.

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