The $1 Million Bet: Will LUNA’s Price Be Higher or Lower in a Year?

Although many exciting developments take place quite often in the cryptocurrency space, it’s not every day we see someone betting a million dollars on whether or not the price of a coin would be higher or lower than the current. Well, that’s exactly what happened hours ago.

Well-known cryptocurrency community member going by the Twitter pseudonym AglodTrading said yesterday that he’s willing to bet anyone $1,000,000 that the price of LUNA will be lower than its current in 1 year.


Who wants to take a $1000000 bet that $luna will be lower price in 1 year than now? @stablekwon @CryptoHarry_ @ZeMariaMacedo

— Sensei Algod (@AlgodTrading) March 13, 2022

And while it may seem like an awful lot of money to wager on a bet of the kind, it didn’t take long for the founder of Terra – Do Kwon – to take it up.

Cool, I’m in

— Do Kwon (@stablekwon) March 13, 2022

Kwon further proposed to do a bet where UST isn’t de-pegged the same time next year, and he is even giving 2:1 odds for it. It doesn’t seem that his last bet was taken at the time of this writing.
Both parties agreed on the following terms of the bet:

-Cobie receives 1M USDT from us each

-Next year same day, if price of LUNA as reported by coingecko is higher than 88? He delivers the LUNA to me, if not, he gives it to you

They agreed for the 24-hour average price of LUNA on March 14th, 2023, to be the deciding factor. The money is already sent, and can the address can be tracked here.

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