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The Next-Gen Crypto Ads: How MetaTrace Platform Can Boost Your Marketing

When starting a marketing campaign for your crypto business, you first think about how much money it will make. Well-familiar paths like social media promotion and influencer campaigns do work, but there are also Web3 platforms that offer some exciting opportunities today. Millions of super-engaged users in this thriving environment can take your marketing performance to new heights.

MetaTrace, the world’s first blockchain game that matches GameFi with the real world, is one example. Its newly launched advertising platform TraceAds gives you access to its 1.7 million active users — and these players are motivated to open ad messages because they are rewarded with the platform’s native tokens. 

Find out how you can create targeted ads that users will want to view. 

Building a Sustainable GameFi Economy 

When it comes to GameFi projects, millions of engaged users usually go hand in hand with financial instability. Many platforms in the niche are built on a Ponzi scheme-like economic model: new users play-and-earn the older users’ money. As the game grows, it starts facing a lack of funds. Players earn less, and their motivation to stay involved tumbles. 

MetaTrace follows an alternative route to scale in the long run — it constructs a sustainable economy with transparent sources of income. To achieve that, MetaTrace has introduced the “PartnerFi” stream: advertisers launch paid promotion campaigns and capitalize on other platform’s features. This way there are always enough funds to reward the users and motivate them to keep going, while partners enjoy promoting themselves in a predictable and transparent ecosystem. 

Crypto Ads Reinvented: What Web3 Has to Offer

The GameFi economy thrives because play-to-earn projects offer numerous financial incentives to those who engage. In addition to instant profits that users make by selling their in-game NFTs or completing quests, gamers receive a greater reward for their long-term activity in the form of airdrops. 

Today, this strategy is expanding to the market of advertisements. Users open ad messages and get an immediate reward with cryptocurrency — which they can further use to improve their position in the game. This creates a cycle where players are motivated to engage with the ads: the more they do so, the better their returns are.

MetaTrace — Merging the Virtual with the Real 

MetaTrace is a blockchain game operating on the Free-to-Play & Earn model in a close connection with the physical world. It leverages augmented reality technology: as users navigate through the real world, they can gather in-game NFTs, meet other players, and compete with them. 

With their digital avatars, users move across the MetaTrace map that copies reality. As gamers explore the area, they gather boxes with bonuses such as the platform’s native ACE tokens and cypets — digital creatures inspired by real-world animals and characters. This constructs a unique adventure for each user. 

The game is in the beta testing phase; MetaTrace is preparing to go live in the next few weeks. The already operating MetaTrace’s product, the quest platform, has got 2 million users only about 3 months after launch. Trace DEX, Trace Wallet, and the first NFT collections are under development, and soon, partners will be able to run their own mini games for greater promotion. 

Besides the ACE utility token, MetaTrace has also introduced TRC — the governance token that is already listed on MEXC and other exchanges. An October update has enabled TRC swaps in the MetaTrace application.

TraceAds — The Next-Gen Web3 Advertisements

This November, MetaTrace has opened an opportunity for businesses to run targeted ads in its 1.7 million audience. It has launched TraceAds — a new product in the ecosystem where crypto platforms can place advertisements that users will be incentivized to view through rewards. 

In the near future, MetaTrace will expand to ad networks and open the possibility of sending promo emails to targeted user groups. And when the MetaTrace app officially launches, partners will be able to create their own NFT collections and run mini games and quests in the ecosystem.   

How Trace Ads Work

Once you register, prepare your campaign, and make a deposit in TRC tokens, the ad message is broadcasted to MetaTrace quest platform’s users using a dedicated smart contract. As players see the message and open it, they get a reward in TRC from the funds you’ve provided. At this point, users find out about your product and start interacting with it.

Here is how your advertising budget is distributed: 

50% is dedicated to user rewards

40% handles advertising launch expenses

10% is burned to help maintain the TRC token price through its deflationary model.

Incentives and Segmentation: Why These Ads Yield Results

Users are motivated to open the advertisement because they receive an instant reward for viewing it. Players can spend their TRC tokens to issue in-game NFTs, boost their cypets, and improve their overall performance in the game. Moreover, when the decision to open the ad is made by the users themselves, chances are they will be more willing to explore and use your product.

TraceAds facilitates targeting specific user groups. MetaTrace categorizes players according to their level of knowledge and engagement in the Web3 environment. This helps make diverse ad messages that will be efficient for different segments of the target audience. 

Web3 Promotion: Ads That Engage

The nature of Web3 incentives transforms the manner in which crypto platforms market themselves. Users are now motivated to interact with ad messages, which provides businesses with a highly involved audience. Ahead of the MetaTrace official launch and the scaling of TraceAds, now might be a good moment for you to try running a promo campaign and harness the benefits of Web3.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.