This new cryptocurrency might blow every cryptocurrency out of the water

We have talked about Frici Mella and his multi-million investing business before. But this time he is about to do something crazy. He’s the one who steps out to the government regarding our privacy issues.

Frici’s new project is called Fruo, which claims to make payments around the world really fast and cheap, but most importantly – anonymously.  He plans to launch several payment platforms. Including anonymous wallet, which can contain all different cryptos in one place, and decentralized crypto exchange platform, where your anonymity is guaranteed – pay everywhere without anyone knowing what you did.

Governments like to know stuff, and when it concerns money and way to get more money from people, they have to know it. But Fruo claims, it is a government-proof system. Soon, you have to pay taxes from every move you make on your crypto. Every trade you make is taxable. Tax problem has a solution – Fruo. This is a system which helps you to avoid taxes and where every payment is untraceable, although, this is not the main feature of the coin. There’s no source, no receiver and amounts publically available. Only the sender and the receiver will know the amounts.

However, even if you can avoid taxes, it would be best not to do it, because if somehow government finds out, big fines are unfortunate.


Pros – known founders, useful features, promising feature, big bonuses


Cons – project legalization


Price – 1.00$ with 40% bonus for first investors.


Future – 50-150% rise with every prototype


Price in 2019 – 10-40$



Fruo is about to launch soon, and everyone has a chance to invest in it. Show your respect, if you’re against the government spying and happy that finally someone brings it up. As of investing perspective, this coin may have a very big future.

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