Vitalik Buterin: Putin’s Military Operation Is a Crime Against the Ukrainian and Russian People

Earlier today (February 24th), Russian military forces launched a “special military operation” (as Vladimir Putin calls it) in Ukraine. However, it all seems like the beginning of a full-scale invasion, which could disrupt the continent’s peace.

Vitalik Buterin – the Co-Founder of Ethereum – criticized that act calling it a “crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people.” Despite being born in Russia, the 28-year-old programmer finished his statement by saying: “Glory to Ukraine.”

In his most recent tweet, Vitalik Buterin said he is “very upset” by Vladimir Putin’s decision to go to war against Ukraine. In his view, the military operation will lead to devastating consequences for both Ukrainian and Russian citizens.
Ethereum’s Co-Creator is also pessimistic that the conflict will be resolved diplomatically. “I know that there will be no security,” he grimly predicted.
Born in Russia, Buterin seems to stand against his motherland in this war dispute, adding “Glory to Ukraine” at the end of his tweet. Moreover, he stated that while Ethereum is neutral, he is not.

Reminder: Ethereum is neutral, but I am not.

— vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) February 24, 2022

The rising tension between the two nations has caused a huge disruption of the cryptocurrency and financial markets. Bitcoin, for one, crashed to nearly $34,000, while most of the altcoins are deep in red, too.
The digital asset market capitalization dipped below $1.6 trillion, meaning it has declined by approximately $200 billion since yesterday.
It is yet to be decided how the “big nations” will approach the military conflict. The USA’s President – Joe Biden – called Russia’s attack “unprovoked and unjustified.” He also warned Putin of “further consequences” if the aggression does not stop soon.
Boris Johnson – the Prime Minister of the UK – stood by Ukraine, too. He said Britain will provide a package of military support to the attacked nation and impose harsh sanctions on Russia.

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