WazirX Completes 7th Quarterly WRX Burn

Namaste Tribe! I’m happy to announce that WazirX has successfully completed WRX burn for the quarter of October – December 2021 today, March 9, 2022.

We burned 9,633,333 WRX equivalent to ₹47 Crores INR (~ $6 Million USD)! Share this

We burned WRX in 1 part, and the TXID is here. This burn event has permanently removed over $6 Million USD worth WRX from circulation. I’d also like to mention that the value of WRX burned this quarter is 62% more than what it was in the fifth quarter!

Till date, we’ve burned 31,419,998 WRX which is worth over $19 Million USD as of today!

The amount of WRX burned is tied to WazirX exchange volume and its growth. In the past quarter, WazirX clocked Billions in trading volume! We also introduced a variety of new features and improvements to make WazirX more amazing for you, like:

Prizes and giveaways worth over $500,000 USDOver 50 new trading pairsPublished the Indian crypto industry’s first ever Transparency ReportWRX listing on VauldPublished the 2021 Highlights & Observations report

Some highlights of what media has been saying about us:

The burn event is a good thing because as WazirX grows, so will the amount of WRX burned every quarter. This will lead to a reduction in the token supply, and an increase in the value of the token. Want to know more about token burn and its importance? Read this

We’re continuously working towards building more exciting features and spreading crypto awareness among the masses. As we continue burning WRX periodically and its value keeps increasing, the early holders of WRX will benefit the most from it!

Thanks for supporting us!

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