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[PRESS RELEASE – Madeira, Portugal, November 15th, 2023]

Chabit aims to integrate cutting-edge technology and real-world applications in a new crypto platform and app, which are currently in development. The simple, guided interface will make app usage a daily habit.

Chabit app uses

The app will offer two simple interface options: one catering to complete crypto novices and the second one tailored towards expert traders. All wallets from different networks are linked to user data, removing the complexity embedded in typical cryptocurrency platforms and encouraging users to register and work with cryptocurrencies effortlessly.


Both user interfaces are planned to be highly minimalistic and intuitive to use, based on a proprietary AI, named ChAI. ChAI takes the guesswork out of all crypto transactions, making buying and selling of crypto, setting long positions, and stopping loss and profit amounts a trivial task. ChAI even alerts traders of significant market movements or when a take profit level is approaching, should they decide to close their positions early.

Defi integration

The Chabit platform will make it easy to purchase coins, which aren’t listed on it but can be found on decentralized applications. ChAI will go as far as analysing decentralized contracts and alerting traders about potential vulnerabilities, before proceeding with a desired purchase.

Payment gateway

Chabit aims to feature the lowest exchange fees of all platforms, offering a proprietary payment gateway (ChaPAY), flexible payment options in fiat currencies, CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies), or Chabit tokens (CB8).

Integration with the physical world

Chabit will provide a global payment method and an automated platform that combines cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The CB8 token

The total CB8 token supply equals 88,000,000, launched on Binance Smart Chain. Going forward, CB8 will become multi-chain and develop its own blockchain.

CB8 will offer various utilities to holders, including:

Staking: Earning yields through staking will be available, starting with the token launch on the first exchange. The initial APY will be 44%, with the goal of maintaining this level of profitability for a year, following the token’s release.
CBGems benefits: CBGem ownership will generate an increase in annual dividend earnings, boosting passive income.
Advantage program: CB8 holders will enjoy exclusive advantages and discounts when using the Chabit application.

CBGems: Chabit’s NFTs  

The total Chabit NFT supply (named CBGems) equals 1,186 gems, founded on Polygon. CBGems are unlike most NFTs; they represent direct ownership stakes in Chabit. Investors will receive direct returns in the form of dividends proportional to the profits generated by all activities within Chabit. The prices set for CBGems will gradually increase weekly, to ensure that buyers secure the guaranteed value appreciation.

CB8 Gems, in order of exclusivity:

Amber: 1000 units
Emerald: 100 units
Ruby: 50 units
Sapphire: 20 units
Diamond: 8 units

CBGems profit projection: earning focus and options

CBGems will provide annual earnings directly through dividends as company stakes in the form of NFTs. The total percentage allocated to the holders of the 1,188 CBGems is 12.5%. For example, if a user acquires a Diamond CBGem and the future Chabit annual earnings equal $1B, they will generate a 3750% profit. Detailed profit projections can be found in the forecasts section in the Chabit white paper.

About Chabit

Chabit is a crypto platform and exchange that is going to offer a simple, guided interface that takes blockchain technology adoption to the next level, making its usage a daily habit by integrating cutting-edge technology and real-world applications.

“The platform that will change the adoption of the crypto world.”

For more information, please visit the Chabit website.

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