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SOL, the native token of Solana, has demonstrated exceptional performance once again, surpassing all other prominent cryptocurrencies in the market.

The proof-of-stake blockchain platform had a notable increase of nearly 18% in value on the day after remarks made by Cathie Wood, the CEO of Ark Invest, who highlighted the robustness of the Solana network.

Solana has experienced a significant upward trend during the year, which some experts have interpreted as a price correction following a prolonged period of undervaluation.

According to Coingecko, there has been a significant increase of over 50% in the past week. The value of the token has experienced a significant increase of over 340% throughout the current year.

Speaking on Tuesday’s “Squawk Box” with CNBC, Wood praised Solana’s impressive performance. Reflecting on the past, she noted that Ether surpassed Bitcoin in speed and cost-effectiveness, leading to its prominence.

Solana Is Performing Well, ARK Invest CEO Says

Wood said that Solana is “doing a really good job,” during a televised interview on Tuesday. “If you look at ether it was faster and cheaper than bitcoin in the day. That’s how we got ether. Solana is even faster and cost effective than ether.”

She pointed out that individuals are willing to tolerate certain trade-offs for the sake of speed and cost, perhaps due to smaller transaction sizes or varying priorities. In her perspective, each network will find its niche, as different users prioritize different aspects of functionality.

Based on data source Kaiko, there has been a consistent increase in activity on Solana throughout the year, with a notable emphasis on liquid staking protocols such as Jito.

SOL Shines In Trading Volume

Solana has emerged as the leading altcoin in terms of trading volume on exchanges accessible to users in the United States, surpassing the trading activity of Dogecoin.

The native token of Solana, SOL, has seen tremendous growth over the last few months and has drawn a lot of interest from investors. It crossed $60 last week, a valuation last observed in May 2022, igniting more excitement in the community and raising expectations for an impending rally.

In my opinion, I think that @Solana is going to continue to be one of the biggest movers during this current bull market cycle and I’m going to lay out some ideas for you.

It’s possible that with the Ethereum ETF news that some of these ideas don’t play out, but it’s worth…

— Jacob Canfield (@JacobCanfield) November 9, 2023

One cryptocurrency speculator who holds this view is Jacob Canfield, a user of the X platform (formerly Twitter). He believes that if SOL maintains its current trend against Ethereum (ETH), it will be “the biggest mover” in the subsequent bull run cycle of cryptocurrencies.

Solana has seen its value increase by around 550% this year. When compared to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ether have seen gains of approximately 125% and 70%, respectively.

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