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The decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider Ankr has joined forces with Tencent Cloud to launch a Web3-native product – Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. This solution is designed to cater to organizations and enterprises in search of efficient and robust access to blockchain infrastructure.

The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service operates as an immediate gateway for its extensive user community to access essential blockchain networks. It offers developers a user-friendly method for retrieving data and conducting transactions on a variety of blockchains, such as Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS.

Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC

According to the press release shared with CryptoPotato, the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service, which is dedicated to delivering blockchain node infrastructure tailored for enterprise needs, is now available via Tencent Cloud’s online marketplace.

The partnership leverages technological expertise from both entities, combining Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure with Tencent Cloud’s capabilities. The RPC Service is expected to have a significant edge in the market by offering high concurrency performance, supporting a regular request volume of up to 1,800 requests per second per chain, owing to Ankr’s node expertise and infrastructure stability.

Commenting on the latest development, Stanley Wu, Co-Founder and CTO of Ankr, said,

“The initiation of our partnership with Tencent Cloud is a pivotal moment for Ankr and indicates the leaps made by the decentralized internet in integrating with the vital infrastructure of the broader web ecosystem. It paves the way for an era of accelerated development in blockchain applications, whether from emerging Web3 initiatives or established enterprises, and creates a path for further collaboration and innovation.”

Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC is set to introduce two distinct versions – a public version that offers free blockchain interaction with predefined features and rate limits and a premium version that allows Pay-as-you-Go blockchain interaction with higher request throughput and improved rate limits.

Besides, an exclusive enterprise version of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC is in the pipeline. The upcoming offering is tailored to address a broader spectrum of use cases across the globe.

Additionally, there are plans to gradually integrate new supported blockchains and an advanced API service into both the public and premium versions of the service.

Ankr x Tencent Cloud

Ankr and Tencent Cloud’s partnership can be traced back to February this year for the Web3 infrastructure solution. The two entities announced signing an agreement to jointly develop a full suite of blockchain API services provided by a high-performing, globally distributed, and decentralized network of RPC nodes.

The Web3 infrastructure platform had also joined forces with tech giant Microsoft to offer enterprise node hosting services earlier this year.

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