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SINGAPORE, September 14, 2023 — In a groundbreaking moment for the global Web3 community, BlockchainSpace introduced its Web3 community-collectible platform, YEY (, through an impressive campaign at the FIBA Basketball World Cup held in the Philippines in August 2023.

Sharing the Vision of Web3 For All

In May 2023, Singapore’s BlockchainSpace forged a strategic partnership with the Philippines’ largest telecom provider, Smart Communications, to bring the best of Web3 not only to Smart’s vast subscriber base of nearly 60 million users but also to a broader Southeast Asian audience. 

The collaboration came to fruition in August 2023 when YEY launched at the most-attended FIBA Basketball World Cup in history. This high-profile event enabled both companies to expose a global audience to Web3 through a major sporting event that brings communities together, fulfilling their shared vision of #web3forall.

At this launch, QR touch points were strategically placed at tournament venues, allowing attendees on the Smart telecommunications network to receive exclusive Smart-FIBA Shinys as tokens of their participation.

These Smart-FIBA Shinys also served as on-chain tickets for an off-platform promotional raffle in collaboration with the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry. Winners were selected based on their wallet addresses, with the number of Shinys collected acting as multiplier factors in the raffle. Prizes included coveted FIBA Finals Phase Tickets (Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals), among other exclusive rewards.

Image: In blue, from left: Dexter Chan, AVP of Content Business Development at SMART; Peter Ing, CEO and Founder of BlockchainSpace; Lloyd Manaloto, FVP of Content Business Development at SMART; Aspen Sanez, Head of Marketing and Country Manager (PH) of BlockchainSpace.

An Easy Solution for Users: Introducing YEY

The YEY app is designed to simplify the crypto journey for users, whether they are new to the space or seasoned Web3 enthusiasts. YEY offers a seamless, secure, and user-friendly onboarding process, enabling users to create wallets and receive NFTs within minutes with minimal friction.

YEY is built on Polygon PoS, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain protocol hosting many popular Web3 applications today. It streamlines user wallet provisioning on the Polygon PoS blockchain and directly mints NFTs on the chain while ensuring a smooth and fluid user experience.

“We see BlockchainSpace as one of the leading projects in the So-Fi realm, innovatively merging Web3 with the creator economy on Polygon. The YEY app epitomizes a future where Web3 apps can cater to creators and end-users while creating a great onboarding experience for those new to Web3,” said Urvit Goel, Head of Global Business Development at Polygon Labs.

In addition, the app empowers creators, games, and brands to craft exclusive digital collectibles in the form of NFTs called “Shinys.” These collectibles can be minted on the platform, shared with superfans and community members, and displayed in their custodial wallets.

Image: Screenshot of the YEY app showcasing the Shinys menu.

Essentially, the app is bringing down the barriers of entry and positioning itself as the easiest way to join the Web3 landscape, while focusing on growing passionate communities for a thriving ecosystem.

“At BlockchainSpace we’ve been working on Web3 community infrastructure since 2018. The launch of YEY is a culmination of 4+ years of community management experience simplified into a seamless user onboarding experience.” said Peter Ing, CEO and Founder of BlockchainSpace.

Bringing Blockchain IRL

The FIBA deployment highlights YEY’s commitment to seamlessly integrating real-life user experiences with blockchain technology, showcasing its potential for practical applications.

For BlockchainSpace, this partnership propels YEY beyond the Web3 ecosystem and into the mainstream market, and proves the seamless integration of blockchain technology with real life application.

“BlockchainSpace is one of the leading Web3 pioneers that is always dedicated to continuously bringing value to the Web3 communities in Southeast Asia. We are very confident that with the launch of the new YEY platform, it will further strengthen the relationship between the community, creators, brands, and games, benefiting each other and taking the community’s value to a new level.” says Ann Chien, Principal of Investment at Infinity Ventures Crypto.


California-based venture capital firm Infinity Ventures Crypto, a key investor in BlockchainSpace’s strategic round in 2021, backed the startup as they saw the potential of a  community-driven platform direction. As such, BlockchainSpace was given the opportunity to grow and make a lasting impression on the global tech landscape, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

YEY’s potential for creating value and connecting communities is endless, thanks to its ease of use. While the platform currently has a waitlist, YEY is welcoming enterprise collaborations of any size or industry.


About YEY

The YEY app ( is a community-collectible platform hosted by BlockchainSpace and is currently in its Pre-Alpha stage. YEY is designed to empower creators, games, and brands to reward their superfans through unique Shinys and other enticing rewards.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace is a Web3 solutions company for gaming and creator communities based in Singapore, enabling community owners to manage, grow, and monetize communities together.

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