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Did you know that digital signage gets more than 400 percent more views than static signs? With that astronomical number in mind, it makes complete sense to incorporate it into your marketing and advertising plan. As a small business, you need visibility in your field and digital signage is an impactful marketing and brand tool. So how will it boost your business? can help. Here’s how. 

Attract New Customers

Digital signage has a proven record many times over of being an effective way to attract new customers because it is eye-catching and engaging. Potential customers are attracted to a digital sign over a paper or fixed sign for the following reasons

Visual appeal – especially with moving images and bright colors. 

Location – a digital sign can direct customers straight to you. 

Interactive – give your customers an experience, not just an advertisement. 

Timely – deliver important messages for specific times of day, as well as specific events. 

Enhance word of mouth – people will talk about a digital sign to others, more than they will a static sign. 

Integrate with social media – add your social media handles to your sign to bring in even more traffic. 

Engage Your Customers

Having attracted potential customers, the goal is to convert them into sales by keeping them engaged with your small business and what it can offer them. Incorporating digital signage can be a powerful way to create a positive relationship with your customers. 

Target your message – customize your content based on your audience.

Interactive – get your customers involved with QR codes, surveys, and touchscreens. 

Updates – real time updates provide relevance to your customers. 

Education – give your customers vital information regarding your business and its goods and services. 

Emotional connection – use stories and images that resonate with clients, creating a positive relationship with each of them. 

Increased dwell time – not only will you bring customers in, but they will stay longer. 

Increase Sales

Th goal of any small business is to make sales and profit. Research finds that digital signage is an effective tool in these goals by influencing a customer’s buying decisions. How? Keep reading to find out. 

Prominence at check out – digital signs near the checkout points encourage last minute purchases, but can also be used to display sales, promotions and specials. 

Path to purchase – use digital signage to direct your customers through your store, which makes products more visible and increases impulse buys. 

Upselling – use your signs to suggest specific products or services, leading to more purchases. 

Increase urgency – digital signs can be used to promote limited time specials or exclusive offers, encouraging customers to make a purchase. 

Seasonal offerings – align your signs with special deals and discounts for holidays and seasons. 

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget

A marketing budget should be used judicially. There should be greater investment in methods that are known to produce the desired results. What delivers the greater benefit for the lower cost? There also needs to be an eye on longevity and future benefits. Some methods offer slow burn and others a big but short-lived bang. Digital signage can help in a variety of ways. 

Instant updates – you can change the signs with ease, no printing or hanging required. 

Multiple campaigns – use your digital signs to market a variety of campaigns all at one time. 

Sustainability – save money and resources on paper, printing ink and manpower by using a digital sign.

Enhance your brand – being environmentally conscious can boost your reputation and create positivity to go with your brand. 

Build Your Brand and Image

When you run a small business, it can be difficult to become the most well-known or easily recognizable brand in your field or local area. Using digital signage puts your brand and image at the forefront of people’s minds when they shop. To create that lasting impression, put your signs to work for you. 

Unify your brand – use your signs to bring a cohesive nature to your colors, logos, brand and image. 

Build an emotional connection – when your image resonates with customers, you build a relationship that creates and cements brand loyalty. 

Share your story – give your customers everything about your small business to help build credibility and showcase shared values.

Share customer feedback – digital signs are effective in sharing positive commentary from your customers.

Fresh content – with a digital sign, it’s easy to update information quickly and timely to maintain a customer’s interest. 

Content Delivered in Real Time

What could make your business more relevant and easier to adapt for your customers than providing real time updates, such as weather impacts, brand new products, fresh deals and discounts and more. Use your signs in the following ways.

Advertise sales – holiday sales, special events, etc. 

Flash sales – get rid of extra stock and let customers know when you are doing so. 

Put Data to Work for You

Another great advantage of using digital signage is that you can collect data on its use, maximizing it for your purposes. 

Track engagement – this will tell you what types of signage to keep using and what might not be working for you. 

Adapt – use tracking data to modify and tweak your digital signage, based on the numbers and stats you collect.


Digital signage is beneficial in boosting visibility for your small business. Using it strategically across your operations can increase your customer base and profits.

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