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dTelecom, the innovative DePIN functioning as a live streaming and real-time communications layer for apps and decentralized apps (dApps), will soon migrate to peaq as its layer-1 blockchain as it prepares to leave the Arbitrum ecosystem.

peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for machine RWAs (real-world assets) and DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks), today announced it would soon welcome dTelecom, an innovative DePIN for audio and video conferencing and live streaming, to its ecosystem to decentralize real-time communications.  

dTelecom Prepares its Migration to peaq

dTelecom will soon join the peaq blockchain as its layer-1 support to enable it to offer decentralized communication. peaq, the blockchain for real-world applications and DePINs, will grow as dTelecom, a DePIN for audio and video conferencing and live streaming, leaves Arbitrum. dTelecom will leverage the peaq SDK and peaq ID as part of its infrastructure and will deploy its core business logic on the blockchain, with plans to launch its token on the network.


Video streaming has become a global phenomenon and has become essential for the entertainment industry, with popular streaming site Netflix accounting for over 260 million subscribers globally. Video streaming is also central to platforms such as the popular live-streaming site Twitch. Twitch attracts around 240 million individuals monthly, offering a platform for live-streams of videogames, arts and crafts, and many other fun activities.

Video streaming services became virtually the only tool for effective communication when the global pandemic forced everyone into isolation. Streaming technology has become an essential part of communication, and unsurprisingly, the video streaming market is expected to grow to almost $2.5 trillion by 2032.

Despite its immense popularity, video streaming is centralized and raises concerns over user safety. Centralized servers are a goldmine for hackers. They are vulnerable to other issues, including censorship and lack of transparency.

dTelecom Addresses Concerns of Centralization

Recognizing the potential issues surrounding centralized servers, dTelecom stepped in to address these concerns. dTelecom is building an alternative to centralized video and audio streaming protocols and handing power back to the hands of the community. dTelecom’s DePIN is made up of community-operated nodes enabling the decentralized distribution of live video and audio flows, operating as a live-streaming and real-time communication layer for apps and dApps.

The network powers a decentralized, open-source, Zoom-like video conferencing web application, with an added reward incentive for participation. dTelecom also enables a Web3 streaming platform and voice chat for play-to-earn games such as 2040World.

Leveraging Several peaq Features

dTelecom’s integration with peaq includes leveraging peaq SDK, a versatile building kit for developers, and implementing peaq IDs as the decentralized identities for network nodes and users.

The network’s integration will also see several other events occur, including:

Migrating smart contracts over from the Arbitrum testnet while setting up a reward distribution mechanism on the network also enabling nodes to migrate.
The integration will allow onboarding for new nodes on peaq.
dTelecom will run its Token Generation Event on peaq and eventually launch a native token on the network.

Petr Malyukov, co-founder of dTelecom, commented:

“We are changing the game for a whole variety of services and platforms that leverage audio and video streams with the DePIN model.”


“dTelecom can power anything from a Web3 Discord to a decentralized Netflix, and with peaq as its secure and scalable backbone, we are certain we can disrupt this billions-worth centralized market.”

peaq’s co-founder, Till Wendler, said:

“Live streaming is an exciting DePIN use case with a billions-worth potential market reach. We are sure that dTelecom will create a lot of value as part of the peaq ecosystem and are looking forward to seeing it transform live-streaming as we know it.”

More About peaq

peaq is leading a global infrastructure revolution, empowering people to own and earn from smart mobility, energy, connectivity, greentech, agriculture, and digital infrastructure. With the future in mind, peaq is a layer-1 blockchain designed to be the go-to support for DePINs (real-world applications).

The blockchain is currently home to over 20 applications spanning eight (8) industries and running over 250,000 devices, vehicles, machines and robots (Machine RWAs). peaq serves as a permissionless, borderless digital infrastructure for intelligent machines, aiming to serve all of humanity. The blockchain’s ultimate goal is to serve all of society, not just the fortunate 1%, by democratizing abundance in the Age of AI and job automation.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.