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In 2023, I more than DOUBLED my email open rates & click rates.


The strategy I used is simple but often overlooked.

I cleaned my list!

If your email list suffers from low open rates, click rates, and high bounce rates, it’s time to take action.

Cleaning your list will help you deliver more emails to an engaged audience.

You know what that means!

Yes, more leads.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Benefits of Cleaning Your Email List

Cleaning your email list is a critical yet underappreciated aspect of successful email marketing.

Here are five compelling reasons to make it a priority:

Increase Engagement Rates: A clean email list ensures you’re reaching out to those genuinely interested in your content, thus improving open and click-through rates.Reduce Bounce Rate: Cleaning your list removes invalid or non-existent email addresses, reducing the bounce rate.Improve Sender Reputation: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) judge your sender reputation by how often your emails are opened and clicked, and whether they bounce. A clean list helps maintain a positive sender reputation.Save Money: Most Email Service Providers (ESPs) charge based on the number of contacts in your list. By trimming down your list, you can save money.Better Segmentation and Targeting: Cleaning your list helps you better understand your audience, enabling more accurate segmentation and more personalized content.

Pro Tip #1: Cleaning your email list should be done on a regular basis (about once a quarter). Set a reminder, and ensure it gets done!
– AJ Silber

A Few Signs Your List Could Use a Cleaning

It’s important to remember that not all subscribers on your email list are created equal.

Some are actively engaged and eagerly await your content, while others may have lost interest, or their email accounts might have become inactive.

Here are a few telltale signs that your email list could use a cleaning.

Low Open Rates: If a significant portion of your subscribers are not opening your emails, it could indicate that those subscribers are no longer interested or their email addresses are no longer active.High Bounce Rates: A high bounce rate often signifies that many email addresses on your list are invalid.Increased Spam Complaints: If you notice a rise in spam complaints, it may be time to remove some subscribers. Frequent spam reports can harm your sender’s reputation.

Step-by-Step Process For Cleaning Your Email List

Here’s the step-by-step guide to cleaning your email list:

Step 1: Identify Inactive Subscribers

Start by identifying subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked on your emails in the last 90 days.

These subscribers are considered inactive and are prime candidates for list cleaning.

Check with your email software, but in ConvertKit, those folks are called “Cold Subscribers.”

I had 225 before I sent this email.



Step 2: Send a Re-engagement Campaign

Segment your cold subscribers out and add them to a re-engagement campaign.

The re-engagement campaign will send a series of emails asking the subscriber to opt back into receiving emails from you.

Try to use persuasive subject lines, personalized content, and special offers (if applicable).

Essentially, you can create a three-email sequence consisting of:

Email 1: Checking in and Offering a Choice

In this initial email, you reach out to your less active subscribers to acknowledge their decreased engagement with your emails. You reaffirm your commitment to providing information that helps them achieve their desired goals. You offer them an option to continue receiving emails with a clickable link.

Email 2: Reminding Them of Your Value

In the second email, you’ll remind your subscribers of your value and how your content can help them solve their pain points. You can also offer a sneak peek at upcoming content to rekindle their interest.

Email 3: Saying Goodbye

If the subscriber hasn’t re-engaged by this point, I don’t believe they will. It’s time to terminate them.


Step 4: Evaluate the Results

Monitor the results of your re-engagement campaign.

You’d be surprised at how many folks end up jumping back on the list!

And guess what? It’s a win-win either way.

If they jump back on the list, AWESOME!

If they don’t, you’ve just increased your email metrics.

Sounds groovy, right?

Pro Tip #2: There are too many benefits of cleaning your email list to overlook it. Start today!
– AJ Silber

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Your Email List

Cleaning your email list might seem intimidating initially, but it’s essential for any email marketer who wants to boost engagement, increase open rates, and save money.

Above all, it’s about creating a quality email list that values and interacts with your content.

So, don’t hesitate.

Start cleaning now and experience the remarkable benefits for your email marketing campaigns. Remember, quality trumps quantity every time.

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