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Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) has unveiled a development in the world of
financial services with the launch of Citi Token Services. Leveraging
cutting-edge blockchain and smart contract technologies, this service is poised
to deliver digital asset solutions for institutional clients, upgrading core
cash management and trade finance capabilities.

Citi Launches Innovative Citi Token Services for Institutional Clients

Token Services comes as a response to the growing demand among institutional
clients for “always-on” programmable financial solutions. This
innovative offering will provide institutional clients with a suite of
features, including cross-border payments, enhanced liquidity management, and automated
trade finance solutions, all available around the clock, 24/7.

has already showcased the power of Citi Token Services by collaborating with
industry leaders such as Maersk and a canal authority to digitize trade finance

demonstrated how tokenized deposits and smart contracts can be used to
replicate the functions of traditional bank guarantees and letters of credit.
This programmable approach allowed instant payments to service providers, indicating
a pattern shift in trade finance.

technology used in this pilot introduces a digital process for both buyers and
sellers, offering instant payment capabilities that are expected to reduce
transaction processing times from days to mere minutes, reforming the entire
trade finance ecosystem.

Global Cash Management

trade finance, Citi Token Services has been applied to a global cash
management pilot. This implementation empowers clients to seamlessly transfer
liquidity between Citi branches on a 24/7 basis, eliminating limitations
related to cut-off times and service windows.

Rugg, the Global Head of Digital Assets at Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions said:
“Citi Token Services provides corporate treasurers with a new tool to manage
global liquidity on a just-in-time, programmable basis. Frictions related to
cut off times and gaps in the service window will be reduced.”

solutions within the Citi network are complemented by inclusive and open
industry collaboration on initiatives like the Regulated Liability Network. We
are excited about both the potential for shared ledger technology to update
Citi services, and the broader financial system in partnership with regulators
and industry peers.”

ensure seamless accessibility and security, Citi employs private/permissioned blockchain technology,
owned and managed by the bank itself. Clients will not be required to host
blockchain nodes to benefit from these services, making adoption
straightforward and hassle-free.

Global Reach and Integration: Citi TTS Empowers Diverse

Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) remain at the forefront of digitally
enabled treasury, trade, and liquidity management solutions. With a proprietary network spanning
over 90 countries, coupled with globally integrated technology platforms, TTS
continues to empower multinational corporations, financial institutions, and
public sector organizations with tailored, cutting-edge cash management and
trade finance services.

Token Services represents a significant leap forward in the financial industry,
promising to reshape the way institutional clients manage their finances and
conduct trade. As the adoption of blockchain and smart contract technologies
gains momentum, Citi drives
the evolution of financial services into the digital age.

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