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Robert Kiyosaki does not pull punches when it comes to revealing what our governments want, and his answer is to buy Bitcoin, gold and silver.

U.S. government doesn’t care

Famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the bestselling book on investing, Kiyosaki likes to tell it as he perceives it. He is scornful of Western governments right now, pointing at the gargantuan pile of debt that his own government, the U.S., has racked up, and believes that the present political course being followed is leading to an economic collapse.

Kiyosaki claims that the actions of the Biden administration prove that the U.S. government doesn’t care about its own citizens. Perhaps he’s thinking about the huge amount of funds that are going abroad to prop up Ukraine and to help Israel in its conflict with Palestine.

I keep buying more Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin because our leaders want more war and poverty. Work hard, spend wisely, and save gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Our leaders don’t care.about you. So you please take care of you and the people you love.

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 10, 2023

Kiyosaki took to X (Twitter) on Friday to warn people about the U.S. government and what to do to protect themselves. He stated: “Our leaders don’t care about you,” and urged people to “Work hard, spend wisely, and save gold, silver, and Bitcoin.”

Banks only out for themselves

Central Banks like Fed are buying gold. Does this mean fiat money is safe? Hell no! Central Bankers are saving themselves from their own incompetence, that’s why they buy gold. Their job is to protect the banks not you. Get smart. Protect yourself from Central Bankers: Save…

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 11, 2023

In a further tweet over the weekend Kiyosaki pointed out that central banks such as the Federal Reserve are buying gold. He posed the question that “does this mean fiat money is safe”, and answered his own question with “Hell no!”

He went on to give the opinion that central banks are only buying gold because they know what their own incompetence has caused. His view is that central banks are only out to protect the banks rather than the people, so he made the recommendation to everyone to save in gold, silver and Bitcoin.

An alternative view

Kiyosaki, now a multi-billionaire, has often taken very alternative views to the narrative coming out of mainstream media. He says that the rich are the only ones that escape taxes and inflation because they work for real assets rather than fiat currencies.

On the other hand, the poor cannot afford to buy real assets and so their wealth is stripped away as central banks print more currency, thereby debasing it and destroying citizen’s purchasing power. They are also encouraged to put any savings into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs which are losing value.

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