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Implementing your first customer relationship management software is exciting. The technology streamlines business operations and provides insights into areas of your company you never knew before.

But perhaps you’re having difficulty getting used to a CRM system and need advice from the industry’s expert. CRM blog posts are an excellent resource, but how do you know which ones are reliable?

Hi! I’m AJ. I’ve used CRM solutions for several years; they are part of the reason I successfully sold my digital agency for multiple seven figures!

After years of working with CRM software solutions, I’ve created this guide with the top CRM blog posts.

Let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways

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This CRM blog post covers the essentials, informing small business owners about customer relationship management and numerous providers to consider.

This post also explains how CRM software works, uncovering the tools and technologies that allow businesses to record and analyze customer data. 

This article is perfect for sales professionals and anyone new to CRM because it explains the various benefits, why businesses need CRM and the different types of CRM systems.

Plus, there is a list of some of the best CRM software for business owners!

What You’ll Learn:

What CRM software does and how they workThe benefits of implementing a CRM platformDifferent types of CRMsCRM integrationsCRMs versus project management, ERP, CMS, CDP, ATS, and SRM softwareExceptional providers in the CRM world

Pro Tip #1: Consider your unique business needs when following step-by-step instructions in CRM blog posts, as these articles give generalized instructions that you may need to tweak.
– AJ Silber

This CRM blog post goes more in-depth than simply explaining what CRMs do.

On top of that, the article explains why CRM software is a critical element of business operations. 

Regarding business-oriented CRM articles, this one must be on your list to read.

This article has everything from the types of CRM available to the key features CRM managers utilize to ensure successful business practices!

What You’ll Learn:

Key features of sales CRM softwareValuable insights into lead managementReasons you should have a CRM platformHow to evaluate the best CRM softwareA list of the best CRM providers

This CRM blog post’s content is self-explanatory; you’ll learn all about the advantages of implementing customer relationship management software!

For example, your business can deliver better customer service when employees can access CRM data because it provides a better understanding of your customer base.

Additionally, this post covers CRM capabilities, including detailed reports and analytics, which ensure your business makes data-driven decisions. 

What You’ll Learn:

How a CRM platform can increase salesNumerous advantages of implementing CRMUnique featuresTypes of businesses that can benefit from CRM capabilitiesThe best CRM software

Pro Tip #2: Set aside considerable time to research and select CRM software. Technology requires time and money, so making the right choice the first time is important.
– AJ Silber

Choosing the best CRM system for your company can seem daunting.

There are so many providers in the industry; how do you know where to start and what to look for?

This CRM blog post covers everything you need to know when looking for a CRM platform.

For instance, this article gives step-by-step instructions for choosing CRM technology, ensuring you don’t make common first-time mistakes. 

Although choosing the wrong CRM doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can cost your company a lot of time and money!

What You’ll Learn:

Step-by-step instructions for choosing CRM technologyVarious CRM capabilities and featuresWhy you must do market research before investing in CRMExamples of top CRM providersQuestions to ask before implementing a CRM system

Small businesses have several CRM features to consider.

Fortunately, this CRM blog post is here to help make the decision easier!

Whether you have sales CRM software or technology geared toward marketing, this post covers all the essentials.

For example, this article explains how lead management is and how it impacts your sales pipeline. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, you must immediately check out this CRM blog post!

Things You’ll Learn:

CRM sales features, including lead management, sales reports, and sales forecastingMarketing features, including email marketing and social media monitoringCustomer service CRM features, including live chatGeneral CRM featuresThe importance of mobile CRM capabilities

CRM software is only effective if business owners implement a strategy to achieve their goals.

Put simply, you can’t install a CRM one day and expect an increase in sales the next. Instead, you and your team must develop a plan to use your software effectively. 

This CRM blog post provides seven simple steps to follow so you can create a unique CRM strategy for your business.

Additionally, this article provides examples of common goals companies have to encourage CRM use.

What You’ll Learn:

Step-by-step instructions for creating and implementing a CRM strategySpecific goals many businesses have for their CRM strategiesThe importance of delivering personalized customer experiencesHow to reduce costs with automationAspects that make a CRM strategy successful

CRM technology has grown in popularity amongst organizations of all kinds.

The software continuously proves why building profitable customer relationships is excellent for short and long-term business practices.

This CRM blog post lays out 50 of the most important CRM-related statistics.

These statistics show how CRM benefits customer relationships, profit margins, and employee productivity. 

Saying you’ll learn a lot from this CRM blog post is an understatement!

What You’ll Learn:

Trends in the CRM industryHow mobile CRMs help businesses work productivelyTypes of businesses that use CRMThe benefits of using and adopting CRM software

Did you know there are certain steps you must take to implement CRM software correctly?

This CRM blog post explains the dos and don’ts of CRM implementation, ensuring your small business saves time and money while utilizing new technology. 

Further, this article provides actionable insights your team needs to take advantage of CRM capabilities immediately.

And if you’re unsure where to start, you can utilize the step-by-step instructions for implementing a CRM system.

After reading this article, you’ll have everything you need to implement CRM software successfully!

What You’ll Learn:

Why CRM implementation is vital for successThe benefits of implementing a CRM successfullyGuided instructions to implement your company’s CRMCommon mistakes people make while implementing CRM

Throughout my time using CRM software, I’ve seen numerous companies struggle using the technology. Eventually, some leaders give up on CRM because they find it too frustrating to learn and use.

CRM software is advanced (there’s no way to get around that). However, with the best practices, you can utilize the technology correctly.

This CRM blog post provides a comprehensive list of essential actions you must take to build profitable customer relationships. 

From finding the best CRM software to using CRM automation, this CRM blog post contains the essentials for your small business.

What You’ll Learn

How to create an implementation planThe importance of customizing your CRM softwareWhy you must keep your CRM data cleanHow to train employees to use CRM correctlyThe importance of using CRM reports and analytics

Building profitable customer relationships demands time, energy, and focus.

However, getting your team to buy into CRM technology is one of the least discussed business challenges.

This CRM blog post covers strategies and tricks to improve CRM adoption throughout your small business. 

Additionally, the post includes a list of vital CRM adoption metrics to track to ensure your training is effective.

I also highlight the risks associated with poor CRM adoption (which is more serious than you may assume).

What You’ll Learn:

The definition of CRM adoptionThe benefits of high CRM adoption ratesStrategies to improve CRM adoptionA list of common CRM adoption challenges that CRM managers face

Customer relationship management technology is more than a desktop application.

Most providers offer mobile CRM capability thanks to technological advancements.

This blog post details mobile CRM’s growth and why it’s a must-have for sales executives everywhere.

Everything from the way your business manages customer interactions to using marketing technology is streamlined and more accessible with mobile CRM. 

After reading this article, I’ll convince you that your company needs a mobile application for your CRM!

What You’ll Learn:

Why your business needs to have mobile CRMThe ways mobile CRM benefits your employees and customersThe benefits of implementing a mobile CRMHow to implement mobile CRM technology (step-by-step instructions)Features to look for in a mobile CRMTips for implementing the best software for your company

There are three types of CRM systems; collaborative, operational, and analytical.

This CRM blog post explains the differences between these technologies, ensuring you find the right one for your business needs.

This article is perfect if you’re feeling “stuck” and can’t seem to find the best CRM software to build a successful business. 

Choosing a CRM that doesn’t work with your business is costly and time-consuming. You spend considerable time training employees about software they can’t use effectively.

Therefore, it’s essential to read this post before investing in a CRM system!

What You’ll Learn:

The differences and similarities between the three types of CRMWhich type of CRM is best for your businessSteps for choosing CRM technologyCRM security features

CRM strategies are extremely effective for small businesses.

And if you don’t know where to start when creating a CRM strategy, this CRM blog post is perfect for you!

Throughout this article, you’ll receive guided steps that explain the entire process of creating a strategy for your CRM.

What You’ll Learn

Step-by-step instructions for creating a CRM strategyThe importance of setting goals and measuring KPIs (key performance indicators)Examples of the best CRM strategiesDetails that make a strategy successful

Closing Thoughts

CRM blog posts are excellent tools to learn about the software and find solutions to your business challenges.

Several articles I’ve shared throughout this post include step-by-step instructions to avoid common mistakes.

What CRM-related topics do you value most? Let us know in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Questions

These CRM blog posts provide essential information about the technology, such as how to implement CRM software successfully, which type of CRM is best for your business, and strategies to increase team buy-in.

CRM technology is designed to build customer relationships, streamline customer interactions, and increase profitability. The software also provides valuable business intelligence you can use to make informed decisions.

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