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Orderly Network, an innovative L2 that offers trading infrastructure, and an omnichain liquidity layer, is gearing up for an exciting summer with the launch of its highly anticipated token. Orderly is making significant strides, emerging as the second most active protocol on LayerZero Labs and the largest, most efficient user of Celestia for data availability.

Orderly Network offers an orderbook-based trading infrastructure and an omnichain liquidity layer, equipping DeFi projects with institutional-grade liquidity for both spot and perpetual trading across a diverse range of assets.

Orderly Network ensures seamless trading via an orderbook across multiple networks, guaranteeing liquidity and achieving high execution speeds. This combination delivers a CEX-like trading experience while ensuring self-custody and transparency with all trades settled on the Orderly Chain. Orderly leverages Celestia for modularity and Layerzero for secure cross-chain messaging.

With over 14 DEXs and even major CEXs like WOO, BTSE, and AscendEX leveraging its infrastructure,  Orderly Network is rapidly emerging as the ultimate destination for DEX building and the permissionless liquidity layer for all Web3 trading.

Key Achievements and Milestones

Over $47 billion in total trading volume
Deployment on six major blockchain networks
More than $56 million in Total Value Locked (TVL)
A user base exceeding 215k unique wallets

Orderly Network’s robust infrastructure is bolstered by key partnerships and integrations, having onboarded 14 brokers, listed 45 EVM perp symbols, and launched its first user-facing product, Orderly Quantum Pools. Noteworthy collaborations with industry giants such as Google Cloud, OP, LogX, Celestia, and LayerZero further reinforce Orderly’s mission to supercharge the future of omnichain perps trading on any chain, any asset, any interface –all settled on Orderly Chain.

The Orderly Chain serves as the settlement and ledger for all transactions (i.e. transaction data, user data balances, and trading data) on Orderly Network, maintaining seamless operations even in the unlikely event of a downtime to the matching engine orderbook. This resilience means that brokers on Orderly Network can confidently manage trading positions and user balances, ensuring uninterrupted service. With all trades settled on the Orderly Chain, Orderly unlocks cross-netting capabilities previously unavailable in DeFi, similar to the function of the CME in TradFi.

Arjun Arora, COO of Orderly Network, speaking on the upcoming launch, echoed;

“As we prepare for this pivotal moment in our journey, we are eager to reward our earliest supporters who have been instrumental in our growth. The launch of our token is not just a milestone for Orderly Network but a celebration of our community’s contributions and a look ahead to the future. We are excited to see the evolution of Orderly and the transformative impact it will have on DeFi trading.”

Some DEXs and Products Powered by Orderly


For more information on Orderly-powered brokers, check this out.

Orderly Merits Campaign: The Road to the Order

As part of the build-up to its token launch, Orderly Network introduced “The Road to the Order” campaign, a gamified initiative designed to engage and reward active traders with “Merits.” Currently, in its X epoch (week), this campaign allows traders to earn Merits with every trade, contributing to their portion of the upcoming airdrop this summer, post-TGE. Users can track their Merits, ranks, and history through a dedicated webpage upon connecting their wallets.

The campaign has already attracted over 57,000 weekly active traders, spread across six tiers of active trading within the Orderly Merits program.

For additional details, visit the Road to The Order and Merits Status pages.

“We are incredibly excited for Orderly Network to become more community-owned as we move forward. This token launch represents a significant step in our journey, allowing us to reward our earliest supporters and engage with our growing community in new and meaningful ways. We’re thrilled to see how this next phase unfolds and to continue pushing the boundaries of DeFi trading together.” said Ran Yi, Co-founder, Orderly Network

Orderly Network’s rapidly increasing ecosystem, alongside its innovative trading infrastructure, sets up its token launch event as one of the most anticipated drops this summer. By creating an innovative L2 with high-speed execution, omnichain liquidity, and an intuitive orderbook interface, Orderly Network is not only enhancing the trading experience but also setting new standards for efficiency, security, and performance in DeFi trading.

Stay tuned for more updates on the token launch, and join the Orderly Network community as we pave the way for efficient onchain trading.

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