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The dramatically popular debut of Pepe coin this year has put frog meme cryptos in the spotlight. While the new Ethereum ERC-20 token launched on April 15th, Pepe coin went parabolic starting May 1st, and that would soon blow out sales of Pepe (SOL) as well.

The price madness was a bullish portent for Ethereum and DeFi crypto blockchains.

Moreover, it was so popular on crypto exchanges that supporters compared it to DOGE and SHIB. That was during the beginning of May amidst the flash rally.

Pepe Coin Surge Shifts Attention Elsewhere

After the Pepe coin price settled from its all-time high, it got legs and rallied again Friday, May 12th. As a result, markets have more evidence that PEPE is a project with long-term horizons, not a rug pull. That might be giving confidence crypto investors taking another look at Pepe (SOL).

But Pepe Coin isn’t the only one out there. Before it, there was PepeSol. Additionally, it’s not the only frog meme coin, either.

Just as a group of geese is a flock and a group of bees is a swarm, a group of frogs is called an army. Well, there’s a small army of frog meme coins out there on the blockchains.

Here are just a couple examples of frog cryptos that are getting a bump out of Pepe coin’s rise:

Pepe (SOL) Blew up on Pepe Coin (ERC-20)’s Coattails.

PepeSol (also listed as PEPE token) is a meme coin on Solana. The fast and low-fee smart contract blockchain has seen significant growth recently.

While it was launched earlier this year in February, Pepe SOL didn’t get to hopping the way Pepe Coin did a couple of months later.

When Pepe Coin went viral in crypto markets, however, Pepe (SOL) jumped from $0.000078 on Apr 29th to $0.00153 on May 2nd. That was a 1,860% increase in its price in three days.

Crypto investors holding Pepe Sol only had until May 3 to sell at that massive ROI for the flash rally. It crashed to around $0.00023 by May 7th.

There’s also a Pepe coin on Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

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