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San José, Costa Rica, November 9th, 2023, Chainwire

In a remarkable move to safeguard biodiversity, FUNDECOR has partnered with Blockchain Jungle and Biota Nexus, resulting in the protection of 62,500 square meters of Costa Rica’s pristine ecosystems. This strategic alliance has been a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Amidst the rise of digital transformation, Blockchain Jungle, a leader in the field of blockchain innovation, has stepped beyond the digital world to make a lasting impact on the physical one. In a pioneering initiative, this conservation investment, alongside Biota Nexus, supported by the expertise and dedication of FUNDECOR, signifies a new chapter in environmental stewardship.

“By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain, we are crafting a story of hope and preservation,” proclaims Juan Guerrero, CEO of Blockchain Jungle. “Our collaboration with FUNDECOR and Biota Nexus marks a milestone in conservation finance. It’s a fusion of modern-day tech with timeless ecological vigilance.”

Utilizing a system of biodiversity credits, akin to carbon credits, businesses and individuals can invest directly in the protection of vital habitats. Each credit represents a quantifiable piece of conserved land, with the assurance that no deforestation or harmful development will take place there. This mechanism translates economic activity into a force for conservation, offering a transparent and direct pathway for investors to contribute to the safeguarding of Costa Rica’s biodiversity.

The technology underpinning this initiative is as revolutionary as the concept itself. Blockchain, a digital ledger known for its security and transparency, serves as the backbone for tracking and validating the sale and impact of biodiversity credits. This ensures that every transaction is recorded immutably, providing a clear trail from investment to conservation outcome. By applying smart contracts, the system automatically enforces the terms of conservation agreements, guaranteeing that funds are used as intended and that the protected land remains inviolate. 

This partnership is not just about preserving land; it’s about fostering an ecosystem of sustainability where technology meets nature. Biota Nexus, known for its avant-garde approach to conservation finance, and FUNDECOR, with its deep roots in natural resource management, are reimagining how we invest in the health of our planet.

The 62,500 square meters of Sarapiquí’s ecosystem—a biodiversity hotspot—will now remain untouched, its ecological integrity secured for future generations. This conservation effort, amplified through blockchain’s transparency and efficiency, paves the way for a new genre of green finance.

This initiative is more than an investment—it’s a message to the world that the environment is not a liability but an asset, one that deserves innovative approaches for its protection. It’s a beacon for others to follow, an open invitation to think globally and act locally.


FUNDECOR, a cornerstone of Costa Rican conservation efforts, has been a pioneering force since 1991, championing the cause of sustainable development and the judicious use of natural resources. For more information visit:

About Blockchain Jungle

Blockchain Jungle is not just pioneering the integration of blockchain with sustainability; it’s trailblazing a path for Costa Rica to be a leading force in this novel arena, combining its rich ecological ethos with cutting-edge technology. For more information visit:

About Biota Nexus

Biota Nexus is crafting a new paradigm in conservation finance, ensuring every dollar invested is a step towards a more sustainable and equitable planet. In collaboration with FUNDECOR and other local stakeholders, Biota Nexus is setting a global standard for responsible investment. For more information visit:

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