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As a small business owner, finding the right tools to manage your sales can be tricky.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of options, losing a ton of time and money in the process.

I’m AJ—and I’m here to offer a life raft. It took me years to get where I am today—having built and sold a successful business in a substantial seven-figure exit strategy.

I did this by using a ton of sales software (and by making a lot of mistakes along the way). Now, I’m using Small Business Bonfire (SBB) as a way to help entrepreneurs get where I am in a fraction of the time!

Let’s look at one of my favorite tools on the market—Salesmate.

The SBB team and I took a deep dive into the platform to bring you the scoop. Meaning we’ll give you the info you need to decide if it’s right for your business.

Let’s dive in!

You Can Trust Small Business Bonfire

Since 2009 Small Business Bonfire has been testing and rating thousands of business software to help you (our small business owners) start & scale your organizations. If you want to know more about how we test, please read this article here. 

What is Salesmate CRM?

Salesmate is a cloud-based sales CRM software designed to help you grow your business, empower your teams, and manage your sales pipeline above all else.

This surprisingly affordable platform has a lot of power, so let’s get into the features.

Some standout features of Salesmate CRM include the following:

Deal and sales pipeline managementContact managementActivity managementSalesmate Chat (live chat)Workflow automation (for sales and marketing)Built-in SMS, calling, and emailReporting and analytics

The platform is incredibly easy to use, has fantastic customer support, and packs a punch with its automation. So, what’s not to love?

Well, the short version is, it’s a pretty incredible CRM by all of the metrics we use to test these platforms (over three months).

But don’t worry, you don’t have to take our word for it. We break down as many features as we could get our hands on, providing our honest take across the board.

We think Salesmate is fantastic for SMBs looking to effectively manage and grow their business to new heights.

It’s also perfect for sales and marketing teams that want to focus on the customer lifecycle with a ton of customer journey automation and personalized live chat.

Pros and Cons of the Salesmate CRM

It wouldn’t be a properly in-depth review without full transparency. So, let’s take the good with the bad and the pros with the cons.

Salesmate CRM Pros

Salesmate CRM Cons

Who is Salesmate CRM Best Suited For?

We think it’s hard to go wrong with Salesmate, but let’s narrow it down a little.

Here are some cases that we think the CRM platform is best suited for:

Small businesses – Salesmate is very affordable and packs all the bells and whistles you need in a small business platform. It also has plans that scale as your business grows.Midsize businesses – With plenty of features to foster team collaboration and automation to make tedious tasks a thing of the past, Salesmate is a no-brainer for midsize businesses.Sales teams – If your team needs powerful sales tools, this is an excellent choice due to its sales automation capabilities, sales forecasting abilities, and lead nurturing tools.Remote teams – Gone are the days when you need everyone to be at the office, and Salesmate has adapted to the times. The team inbox, internal notes, and live chat features make Salesmate a great choice for mobile and remote work.

Who is Salesmate CRM Not Suited For?

Salesmate CRM is a top-notch tool for SMBs, but it’s not for everyone.

Here are some instances where Salesmate isn’t the best fit:

Startups – Since there’s no free plan, it’s hard to recommend Salesmate to companies just starting out (and on a shoestring budget). There are plenty of free options on the market. Plus, Salesmate isn’t going anywhere. You can always make the switch once you’re ready to upgrade to a more powerful platform.Marketing teams – While Salesmate does offer a few marketing features, if marketing is your sole focus, it might not be a great fit.

Salesmate CRM Software Pricing

Salesmate CRM offers four pricing plans.

They are the following:

Starter – $12/month per userGrowth – $24/month per userBoost – $40/month per userEnterprise – Custom Pricing

How Does Salesmate CRM Pricing Compare?

Salesmate offers a ton of utility for SMBs, but how does it stack up against the competition?

Let’s compare it to some of the heavyweights on the market right now—in terms of pricing and features.

For a fair comparison, we’ll compare the starter tier plans of each.

Salesmate – $12/month per user

No free planMultiple pipeline managementPowerful workflow automationBuilt-in calling, text, and emailGreat contact management

HubSpot CRM – $50/month for 2 users

Free plan1 pipelineLimited workflow automationLive chat and emailGreat contact management

Copper CRM – $29/month per user

No free planMultiple pipelinesNo workflow automation with the basic planNo email, chat, or phone support with the basic planBasic contact management

Insightly CRM – $29/month per user

No free planMultiple pipelinesNo workflow automation with the basic planEmail supportGreat contact management

Regarding which platform is the most affordable, the clear winner here is Salesmate.

In terms of value for money, Salesmate also has the most impressive features of the competition.

Let’s compare directly to HubSpot since it’s the closest in terms of price and features. Hubspot costs $50/month for 2 users (which is roughly $25/month per user).

Compared to Salesmate, at only $12/month per user, there’s really no question who the winner is.

If you guessed, Salesmate, you are correct! It’s not only the most feature-rich platform of these four but also the most affordable.

However, HubSpot is the only option here with a free plan, so we’ll award it an honorable mention.

Salesmate CRM Pricing Tips

Annual Plans Save
By paying upfront for an annual plan, you can save up to 20%. Those savings can add up for large teams with a lot of users! Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to budget further in advance by paying annually instead of monthly.

Free Trial
Let’s say you want to try out everything Salesmate offers but don’t want to commit with your wallet. That may sound like a stretch until you learn Salesmate offers a full 15-day free trial, which offers all of the features the platform has to offer.

Salesmate CRM Core Features

Contact Management

Contact management is a crucial aspect of any CRM worth its salt. Basically, it can be the difference between a mediocre CRM and a great one.

We’re happy to say that Salesmate is very much the latter (with some pretty fantastic contact management capabilities).

We got started putting the CRM software through its paces by importing our Google contacts from Small Business Bonfire.

With just a few clicks, we were able to integrate our Google account (screenshot below) and sync our contacts.

After we had some B2B affiliate marketing contacts synced up, we decided to test out how easy it was to manually add contacts (in an effort of full transparency).

Luckily, it was as easy as one click and filling out a few easy-to-navigate fields. Here’s how it looked on our end.

We especially liked how with each contact, we could easily add the following customer data:

Social mediaNotes for each contactAssociated dealsSequencesLists the contact is a part ofTags

Here’s how our contacts dashboard looked, with some of our affiliate marketing contacts added.

One feature that we thought was great for SMBs was the customizable columns. This lets you fully personalize your dashboards to fit your business needs.

In our case, we typically use email for communication, so we kept it simple with the following:

Mobile numberEmailOwnerName

At the end of the day, managing your contacts is essential to staying on top of your business, and Salesmate makes it easy!

Activity Tracking

Let’s face it, no matter how efficient you are, if you can’t manage your day-to-day activities, your business will suffer at some point.

Thankfully, Salesmate provides the ability to add and track the following with ease:


What’s great about Salesmate’s activity tracking is that they make it easy to connect everything related to your business in one place.

Let’s look at some specific examples of this from our testing:

We needed to add a note to a deal-related task, and we were able to easily do so with the “internal note” functionWe wanted to make sure we remembered to follow up with a client, so we linked our contact with just a clickWe marked our latest follow-up call as complete so the entire team could be on the same page

Here’s an example of how easy it was to add the follow-up call we referenced (to give you an idea of the layout and how easy it was).

With our tasks added, we could easily view our activities in both list and calendar view.

Here’s our list view, where we could easily see everything clearly.

We especially liked how easy it was to view our activities by the following categories:

OverdueTodayTomorrowThis weekCustom

We’ve tested tons of CRM software (and I’ve just as many with my marketing agency), and the SBB team and I can confidently say Salesmate is top of their class.

They make it easy to manage everything in one place (with virtually no learning curve to speak of).

Deal Pipelines

If we’re going to talk customer relationship management, we’d be remiss to not mention deal pipelines. After all, they’re the backbone of pretty much any CRM software.

At Small Business Bonfire, we recently put it to the test (over the course of three months), tracking our affiliate marketing partnerships with Salesmate’s deal pipeline, and boy, did it deliver.

We were able to easily see where each partnership was in the pipeline, from initial outreach to closed deals.

Here’s a snippet of some of our deals (in list view) throughout the testing.

Throughout our testing, we used both the list and card view but ultimately preferred the cards (in the board view) because of the customizable stages and drag-and-drop functionality that made it simple to tailor the pipeline to our specific needs.

What was especially cool about this feature was how each deal card allowed us to call, text, or email associated clients with just one click.

Here’s how the board view looked.

This is fantastic for sales teams that want an easy way to stay in touch with hot leads and close deals more effectively.

It was like having our very own sales assistant (but without the salary). So, if you’re an SMB looking to up your sales game, take it from us—deal pipeline management is a must-have feature in any CRM, especially when it’s as user-friendly as Salesmate’s.

Team Inbox

Let me tell you, as a small business owner myself, being able to communicate with your entire team on projects all in one spot is a huge boon.

It’s a feature that I think is easy to take for granted, but it’s one of those things I always miss when it’s not offered.

Here at Small Business Bonfire, we love us some Slack for our daily discussions, but there’s nothing quite like the team inbox when it comes to group email management.

So, we’re happy to confirm that Salesmate not only offers this feature, but they offer a nearly flawless version of it!

It’s like having a personal assistant that keeps track of every email, so we don’t have to go digging through our inboxes for that one elusive message.

Plus, with the added bonus of internal discussions and shared visibility of messages with clients, we can rest easy knowing that no leads will fall through the cracks.

Getting started with the team inbox was as simple as clicking “add new team inbox” and creating a team inbox address.

Then, we simply synced our Gmail account (shown below).

And that was it! From there, we were off and running, sending group emails within our team left and right.

So if you’re a fellow SMB owner looking for an efficient and organized way to manage your email communication, Salesmate CRM’s team inbox feature is definitely worth considering.

Built-In Calling and SMS

The built-in calling and SMS feature of Salesmate is a real game-changer!

We tested this feature by setting up our own Small Business Bonfire phone channel within the Salesmate platform and were impressed, to say the least.

Not only were we able to call and text our affiliate marketing clients without any integrations required, but the quality of the calls and texts was crystal clear.

This means that our sales team could communicate with leads seamlessly without juggling multiple apps or devices.

So, if you’re tired of losing out on potential sales because of poor communication, then Salesmate’s calling and SMS feature is your secret weapon!

Reporting & Analytics

With Salesmate, businesses can build custom reports using automation. Yes, you heard that right—no more wasting hours manually trudging through data just to create a report.

Salesmate takes care of all that. We put this feature to the test, and let us tell you, it passed with flying colors!

We created a custom report that showed all of the new deals that hadn’t been touched, and it was done with ease!

By doing so, we could pinpoint which deals needed immediate attention and focus on them without wasting precious time.

One thing that really stood out about this feature compared to other CRMs we’ve used and tested is that we were able to fully customize a ton of aspects of each report.

For example, we were able to easily choose the following:

LayoutAlignmentTotal number of rowsStage displayedChart type (with many different options available)

At Small Business Bonfire, we’re firm believers in learning from our mistakes (and successes) using data and analytics.

So, Salesmate stands a good head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in our estimation.

Workflow Automation

Whether it was with my marketing agency, Small Business Bonfire, or any other business endeavors, I’ve always been a firm believer in working smarter, not harder.

With Salesmate’s powerful workflow automation capabilities, they make it easy to do just that.

However, don’t just take my word for it. I’ll walk you through how we were able to create some automation to help out at SBB.

For starters, we navigated to the “automation journeys” tab, where we were greeted with a bright blue call to action (CTA) titled “activate automation.”

From there, we were offered a guided tour that walked us through how to set up our automations (which, of course, we took advantage of).

At the end of the tour, we watched a short video that was just under 3 minutes.

Essentially, Salesmate makes it easy to get started with automation (even for beginners).

Once we were in, we were able drag-and-drop triggers, conditions, and actions to create customized automation.

Our first automation was a simple one. Essentially, we wanted to send a follow-up email to our clients whenever the tag “affiliate marketing” was added to a card. That way, we didn’t have to spend time following up with each new affiliate partnership.

It was literally as easy as dragging and dropping a few boxes into our automation creator and customizing a few fields.

Here’s our view of the email customization field.

Finally, we connected the boxes and hit save and publish! It was as easy as that.

Once we published our automation, like clockwork, the emails were sent whenever we added that specific tag to each contact or deal.

And there you have it—our process of creating workflow automation from scratch (from start to finish).

That was just the tip of the iceberg, though.

During our three months of using the platform, we were able to create tons of powerful workflow automation to manage the following:

A/B testingNurturing leadsEmail marketing campaignsStreamlining the sales process from start to finishAutomating customer journeys

Our takeaway from Salesmate’s automation is that it’s as powerful as it is user-friendly (and that’s really saying something).

Email Campaigns

Now let’s talk about Salesmate’s email campaign creation. The CRM platform is currently testing out this feature, which means it’s still in beta mode and not fully released to the public. But let me tell you, it’s looking pretty promising.

With Salesmate, you can create and send email campaigns using templates that are actually helpful (and not just generic).

We gave it a whirl by creating a follow-up email template to send to our affiliate marketing contacts. And let me just say it was a breeze to create.

Here’s the basic template we came up with (and used in conjunction with our email automation).

But if you’re not feeling as ambitious (or you’re just starting out), Salesmate has got you covered with some gorgeous pre-made templates.

We tested one called “Newsletter” to showcase the Bonfire Field Guide—our helpful newsletter designed to help entrepreneurs scale their SMBs.

We were able to pick and choose what information to include and how it was displayed using the drag-and-drop functionality.

And, of course, we were able to customize it to fit our brand with ease. Here’s what we created as an introduction to our guide in a matter of minutes.

Keep up the good work, Salesmate. We’re eager to see this feature move from the beta stage to being fully finished.

Salesmate Chats (Live Chat)

In addition to the numerous sales and marketing features offered by the platform, Salesmate also offers the ability to create and customize live chat for your website!

Not only did this feature allow us to connect directly with our customers through a live chat window, but we also had the freedom to customize the chat window’s color, messaging, and logo to fit our Small Business Bonfire brand!

With Salesmate Chats, we were able to greet our customers in a personalized way that was extremely convenient (and also on brand), creating a unique experience that stands out from a boring, generic chatbot.

The whole creation process took about 10 minutes from start to finish. Here’s what we came up with (and used quite frequently throughout our three months of testing).

Overall, if you’re looking to spice up your customer interactions, nurture leads faster, and close deals more effectively, you can’t go wrong with Salesmate Chats.

What are the Limitations of Salesmate CRM?

No CRM can be perfect for every business, and Salesmate is no exception.

For starters, there’s no free version of Salesmate – This means if your business is just starting out, you might want to look at other CRMs that offer a free plan.
Salesmate lacks more advanced marketing features – If you have a marketing-focused business, you’ll quickly notice that there are some advanced features missing from Salesmate (such as landing page or ad campaign creation). However, despite this limitation, we still think it’s great for basic marketing needs.

Salesmate CRM Integrations

Having all of your favorite applications in one place is essential when it comes to choosing a CRM.

So, we’re happy to say that Salesmate has a robust offering of compatible integrations.

Some of our favorite native integrations include the following:


Here’s the app marketplace to give you an idea of how it looks.

As we’ve mentioned, we use Slack for the majority of our communication within our teams at SBB. So, we were thrilled to learn that they offer a fantastic integration with Slack.

A lot of the platforms we test only offer basic integration with Slack through Zapier, but with Salesmate, it’s specifically designed to work with your CRM.

Speaking of Zapier, it’s possible to integrate thousands more apps using the platform in conjunction with Salesmate.

This means that the possibilities are essentially endless.

How to Get Started with Salesmate CRM

Getting started with Salesmate CRM is about as easy as taking candy from a baby (don’t worry, we didn’t do that).

Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned professional, signing up and setting up your account is a breeze.

For this section of the Salesmate review, we’ll walk you through how it went for us at Small Business Bonfire.

To start with, we navigated to their homepage (pictured below), where we were greeted with a sleek layout, a cool-looking image, and a bright red-colored call-to-action button.

Naturally, we clicked the button labeled “get started” (and, not surprisingly, we got started).

We entered our Small Business Bonfire email and took advantage of a 15-day free trial before upgrading during our three months of testing.

Then, we were prompted to enter the following information:

First and last name
Phone number

Here’s how it looked on our end.

From there, we created a domain name and selected an industry. For the purposes of our testing, we selected business services—due to our focus on helping businesses scale their practices by providing valuable tips and insights.

We were then prompted to select how many users we would need, our company role, and what we’re using Salesmate for.

For this section, we chose lead generation, as we typically seek out new clients regarding affiliate marketing at SBB.

After that, we were asked what tools we use within our organization.

We typically use the following (in addition to a ton more):


Finally, we verified our email, and we were in!

We were treated to a comprehensive setup guide that essentially held our hand and led us through the platform step-by-step with helpful videos.

Our takeaway from the onboarding process was that it was awesome. 10/10—would do it again!

Is Salesmate CRM Easy to Use?

Salesmate CRM is incredibly easy to use! In fact, we think it’s one of the best aspects of the platform.

I’d go so far as to say that even those new to CRM can effectively learn on and use Salesmate.

They make complicated processes such as automation feel like a walk in the park (with no coding knowledge needed).

Basically, if you’re looking for a user-friendly CRM solution, Salesmate is easily one of the best options out there.

Salesmate CRM Customer Service Review

Salesmate offers 24/7 live chat to handle any questions you might have while using the platform.

Plus, they have a support portal and helpful community that allow you to solve your own issues before ever talking to someone.

We reached out to their support team to test the responsiveness of their customer service.

Since we didn’t have any issues with the platform itself, we asked a simple question regarding native Slack integration.

We weren’t expecting much based on reviews we had read online about Salesmate, so we were pleasantly surprised when we received a response within seconds.

I’ve personally used a ton of CRMs over the years, both with my agency and with SBB, for testing, and I can safely say Salesmate is among the best. They have excellent customer support (based on our experience).

Does Salesmate Have a Mobile App?

Salesmate does have a mobile app! It’s available on both iOS and Android (with some pretty stellar reviews across the board).

To really test out the platform, we gave it a quick download on iOS and got started.

Based on how awesome the platform is, we weren’t really surprised to learn that the app is superb based on all of the metrics we use while testing.

Let’s get into it (to give you a better idea).

For starters, the amount of info we could view with the app was seriously impressive.

We were able to access the following with just a tap:


We especially loved how we could essentially view all of our conversations with clients in the palm of our hand.

We mentioned how Salesmate is fantastic for remote teams—well, their powerful mobile app makes it even easier!

Here’s our view from mobile.

Salesmate CRM Alternative Comparison

Salesmate is a top-tier CRM, but there are other options to consider. Here are some alternatives that we think are awesome.

Is Salesmate CRM Worth it for Small Business Owners?

Yes, Salesmate CRM is definitely worth it for small business owners.

It’s super easy to use and offers a ton of features that give you a competitive edge over other CRMs in the market. It’s fast, efficient, powerful, and secure—making it a perfect choice for SMBs.

Plus, their fantastic customer service team ensures that you have all the support you need to ensure success while using Salesmate.

If you’re looking for an excellent CRM that will help streamline your workflow and take your business to new heights, check out Salesmate today!

Salesmate Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Salesmate is a great CRM for businesses of all sizes. It provides an array of features that allow users to easily manage their contacts, keep track of deals and leads, automate repetitive tasks, and more.

According to our sources, Salesmate io is raking in a sweet revenue of a cool 2-5 million. Yes, you read that right. Million. That’s a lot of dough, folks. And you know what they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Salesmate must be doing something right to have that kind of revenue coming in.

The software was founded by Samir Motwani, a seasoned entrepreneur and tech enthusiast passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed.

Motwani’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by SMBs in managing customer relationships and sales led him to develop Salesmate, a CRM software that addresses these pain points.

The software offers a host of features, including customized pipelines, lead scoring, sales forecasting tools, and advanced analytics that enable businesses to track and manage their sales process more effectively.

Thanks for asking! Scheduling emails in Salesmate is super easy. All you need to do is compose your email and click the “Schedule” button in the top-right corner of your screen.

From there, simply select the date and time you want to send the email, and voila—you’re all set!

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