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The crypto market has seen its fair share of ups and downs. While some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown resilience, others like meme coin Shiba Inu have struggled recently. While Shiba Inu faces a downturn due to inflation, a new crypto, Pandoshi, offers the reverse—deflationary tokenomics. 

The Decline of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu took the crypto world by storm in 2020-2021, offering investors the dream of massive returns. However, the meme coin is now down over 90% from its all-time high. 

Several efforts have aimed to boost Shiba Inu’s price, including high-profile coin burn campaigns. But with a circulating supply of 589 trillion tokens, reducing this to a more reasonable level could take hundreds of years at current burn rates.  

Other attempts focused on increasing utility and demand for the Shiba Inu blockchain. The August 2023 launch of the Layer 2 scaling solution Shibarium sought to make the network faster and allow new use cases. However, activity on Shibarium so far hasn’t translated to major gains for the Shiba Inu token itself.

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A New Deflationary Option – Pandoshi

As inflation eats into portfolio returns, investors want assets that can hold or increase their value. This is where the new crypto project, Pandoshi, comes in. 

Pandoshi’s native PAMBO token has a fixed supply of 2 billion. 1 billion PAMBO tokens are available in the ongoing public presale, which is currently in its final phase. 55% of this phase’s allocation has already been sold, showing strong investor interest.  

The public can easily purchase PAMBO with ETH, USDC, or USDT through Pandoshi’s website. 

PAMBO stands out because of its aggressive deflationary mechanism to drive up value. The supply reduces over time through burning PAMBO tokens on every transaction on Pandoshi’s DEX and its crypto debit cards. This controlled scarcity makes PAMBO an anti-inflationary store of value.

Pandoshi’s Expanding Platform

Unlike meme coins without utility, Pandoshi is actively developing real-world uses for its token and blockchain. The Pandoshi Wallet has already launched on Android, with an iOS version coming soon. Users can easily store, send, and swap PAMBO and other cryptocurrencies.

Later, in 2024, Pandoshi plans the mainnet launch of its PandoshiChain proof-of-stake blockchain. PandoshiSwap, a decentralized exchange, will also debut on PandoshiChain, burning PAMBO with every swap.

Furthermore, Pandoshi’s Cardoshi crypto debit cards offer easy spending while passively burning tokens. Investors simply top up their card with PAMBO, then use it anywhere major cards are accepted. A slice of each transaction burns more PAMBO to benefit holders.


Shiba Inu once offered investors massive upside potential, but crippling inflation has since stifled its growth. However, the new crypto project Pandoshi provides an alternative way to beat rising prices. 

Backed by real utility and deflationary tokenomics, Pandoshi’s PAMBO token is gearing up to outperform Shiba Inu in 2024. With presale tokens selling out fast, investors would do well to give Pandoshi strong consideration as an inflation hedge with genuine upside.

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